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Lee Hi to take on genres of jazz and rhythm and blues for ‘First Love’


Lee Hi may be only 16 years old (international age) but she sounds way beyond her years through her deep, soulful voice. It seems she will continue to use that soulful voice of hers to take on genres rarely heard in K-pop for her upcoming album, ‘First Love‘!

Lee Hi had music fans grooving along to her hit debut song “1, 2, 3, 4“, which had what is described as a retro soul sound, and the singer will continue to explore her musical options as she takes on genres of jazz, and rhythm and blues. Yang Hyun Suk,who directly participated in the directing the production for the album, stated, “Lee Hi’s first solo album will not be about ranking or popularity, and instead, will just focus on creating a masterpiece of an album.

Lee Hi’s album track list features the works of names like Teddy, Tablo, Choice 37, Masta Wu, Lydia Paek, Kush, and Realmee, leavings fans curious to see how these top names will have helped interpret genres rarely heard in K-pop.

Stay tuned for the release of Lee Hi’s first title track “It’s Over” and five other songs, which will be released on the 7th, as well as her second title track “Rose” and the rest of the album tracks on the 21st!

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