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2PM for CAMCAM april 2013


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2PM are in the April edition of CanCam (published on February 23rd)! Dreamy Date with the members, your heart surely won't stay calm! ┃ Part 1

The April edition of CanCam, which was published on February 23rd, features 12 full pages of the "Beastly Idols," 2PM! And now we'll be revealing the "Ideal Spring Date" of the members!

Taecyeon at a reserved hotel room!?
Nichkhun's sweet voice is the best dessert.........!?

The members who've claimed that they're usually too busy to date explode in laughter at the shooting site during the "Dream Date"!

A day in November......

2PM, who are in the middle of an Arena Tour. They immediately went to the shooting site as soon as they arrived in Japan. Though my mind was filled with thoughts like "Will the members appear very tired!?" they arrived with bright smiles plastered on their faces! The shooting this time took place at a studio somewhere around the provinces. The venue had a very "at-home" atmosphere, so the shooting had been done very comfortably. If you walk into their make-up room, not only you can find it to be filled with fruits, cookies, rice balls, drinks etc. but you can also find the members scattered around the room ♪ Wooyoung, who has finished his make-up, is seen sitting on the sofa~! Nichkhun and Chansung are seen sitting quite closely to each other in front of the computer, both being totally immersed in what they're watching. I think each of them are in a very nervous state.

Both Chansung and Junho answered their question in Japanese during the interview! Their fluency in Japanese turned out as a surprise, even to the fellow staff ☆ Jun. K is running towards the 2nd floor right after his shooting and interview ended! At the loud sound of Jun. K's foot steps, somebody shouted to him "Be quiet, there are guests here!!" He immediately became quiet, followed by the entire shooting site (Laughs). As for Taecyeon, he still remembered the fellow staff he's met before, so he politely greets them and ask about their well-being. This gentlemanly side of him made him appear like Romeo to the eyes of the fellow female staff at the site! Not to mention he got a perfect score on his TOEIC exam! Even his memory is at the top of the list!

After the interview, they are now onto writing messages and signatures for the readers of CanCam!

Each of the members wrote their messages to the CanCam readers in Japanese ♪ According to the staff who've translated for me, Wooyoung had slowly and cleanly written his message in Hanja before he asked for the assistance of the Japanese staff. When the Japanase staff demonstrated too quickly, he even displayed some cuteness as he whined to the staff and said, "Slowly, please~!" Their maknae Chansung, on the other hand, was more matured than you'd think he'd be, and it seems like he's very good at Hanja too. He's writing his message quite smoothly without even asking for the help of the staff~♪ The surprised expressions of the staff couldn't possibly be hidden! And then you have Nichkhun, who whined "What should I do~" out of worry as he tried his best to write in Japanese.

Taecyeon, who never stopped smiling from the beginning, is drawing his usual illustration of "Okcat" along with his signature! Jun. K, on the other hand, was busy story-telling about the cute Audrey as he continues to do his signature ☆ The last solo interview done for that day was with Junho. Though it was quite a long wait, he immediately smiled as soon as I started interviewing him. His charm was to the point of bringing up the jealousy in Jun. K, who was busy doing his signatures beside him! And of course, Junho had written his message to the reader in Japanese as well!!

This has been a part of a very best friend-like interview with 2PM at the shooting site of Cancam's April Edition ♪

The rest of their laughter-filled talk in CanCam April Edition "Filming Episode" that couldn't be revealed earlier, will be revealed in Part 2!! But for the time being, do check out the cute shots of 2PM included in the April Edition of CanCam ♥

2PM are in the April Edition of CanCam (Published on February 23rd)! Dreamy Date with the members, you heart will surely won't stay calm! ┃ Part 2

The April edition of CanCam, which was published on February 23rd, featuring 2PM! We'll be revealing the "Ideal Spring Date" of the members, so have you guys bought your copy? Part 2 will surely fill our CanCam readers with curiosity. Written at the corner of their profile is the simple interview with 2PM!!

The last scheduled activity ended, now the "Dreamy Date Talk" with each of the members! Nichkhun stated, "We don't really talk about our ideal types in detail with each other! Because it's such an embarrassing topic!" With such information being given directly to the production crew, the staff was excited about how they'll answer the questions!!
It's such an exciting interview, you probably won't even have time to change your clothes to go out later!? So without further ado, we'll be revealing the very heart-thumping interview! The sitting order of the members from the right were Nichkhun → Taecyeon → Junho → Jun. K → Chansung → Wooyoung.

Q. Alright! If you were to go to a "3 to 3" blind date, which 2PM member will you be taking with you? And please explain the reason why as well!

Junho: Okay!!! I want to go by myself!
Jun. K: Eey~ Junho's going to go alone!? Do your best then! (Laughs)
Nichkhun: As for me, I'll bring Jun. K and Wooyoung!
Wooyoung: I don't like this!
Jun. K: (Laughs)!!! Why! What's the reason, Nichkhun?
Nichkhun: Hmm~ this combination is nice! Since I'm not really good at being funny, they can take up that role and make them laugh!
Taecyeon: As for me, I'll bring Jun. K and Nichkhun!
Jun. K: Me again~ I don't want to~!
Junho: What's your reason? What's your reason!?
Wooyoung: You know, we who didn't get chosen, it seems like we've became the gag group.
Taecyeon: (Laughs)!!! Firstly, I think Nichkhun will treat us all! So all I have to do is eat and smile!

Q. Hmm.. so Junho-kun is really going to go alone?

Junho: If I go in groups, then my existence will get thrown away and then buried into the ground!
2PM: (Explodes into laughter)!!!!!
Taecyeon: So Junho's going to end up in a "1 to 3" blind date, then?
Junho: Hmm.... (ponders) If that's the case then indeed, I'd bring Chansung. Since he's quite quiet, I'd be able to talk a lot by myself, wouldn't I?
Nichkhun: Who's next then?
Jun. K: Oh!? Taecyeon?
Taecyeon: How about Nichkhun? Since he'll treat you?
Junho: Hmm... people would usually stay if they're meeting a cool and handsome person, don't they! So with that, I'll bring Taecyeon with me.
Wooyoung: Then what does that make Chansung? (Laughs)
Chansung: Ha~ I'll just stay here quietly...
2PM: (Explodes into laughter)!!!!!

Q. Alright. Next is the No. 1 on the popularity chart among the members, Jun. K!

Jun. K: I, myself, am already playing the role as the handsome one. I definitely wouldn't want to bring Taecyeon with me because he's too passionate and suffocating! Hmm~ I'll bring Wooyoung and Chansung. Wooyoung's funny, and Chansung's really well-behaved, he'd probably just go to sleep!
Taecyeon: What???? Am I really that hot to the point of suffocating?
Chansung: Ha~ so all I have to do is eat and behave quietly. You guys are really too much....
Taecyeon: Okay then... How about Chansung? (Taecyeon, who's suddenly started to be an MC from this moment on)
Chansung: I'd bring Taecyeon and...
Nichkhun: I'll treat you to delicious food!!
Jun. K: Both of you are not going on a date by yourselves, okay!!! (Laughs)
Chansung: You're right~ so I choose Nichkhun. He'll treat us delicious food... and Taecyeon will do all the MC-ing and entertain them....
Junho: You're right! You're right!
Taecyeon: So I'll be MC-ing by myself, and then we'll eat, and then it ends just like that?
Wooyoung: It's done, then! Isn't that great enough? (Laugh)

Q. Now according to you guys, Nichkhun seems to be a very modest person... I wonder if you're okay with them? Then onto the last person, Wooyoung!

Wooyoung: As for me, I'd bring Chansung and Junho. We're the same age. I thought if we can engage in things like CC (※ Campus Couple), we'd be able to create some fun memories, don't you think? So that's why I choose them!
Taecyeon: And this has been 2PM!!! (Laughs)

chans2 (JP-KOR), bbiyak25@W2D (KOR-ENG)
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