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BTOB Ilhoon talks about being Nation's Cutie, his noona, Weekly Idol, Sunggyu and more


The cute impersonation of ‘kyeomi player’ is still the hottest trend.

From idols to actors, the ‘kyeomi player’ which has become a hot topic on the online world, is gaining popularity as it evolves into a personal talent stars must have.

The criminal that created this addictive ‘One plus one equals kyeomi~’ trend among the online community was none other than male group BTOB’s member Jung IlHoon.

Last year October, Jung IlHoon appeared on MBC Everyone ‘Weekly Idol’ and has shown the ‘kyeomi player’ for the first time. (op note: the first time was actually on MTV Diary) Jung IlHoon’s ‘kyeomi player’ of counting from 1 to 6 with different and cute finger poses went viral on online community sites and various parodies of the ‘kyeomi player’ was later surfaced online.

Recently at Seoul’s NonHyunDong, when receiving an interview with TV Daily, Jung IlHoon expressed, “I received calls in the middle of the night and checked the internet. I was surprised to see my name appeared on real time search together with ‘one plus one equals kyeomi” he recalled.

I rubbed my eyes and look at it again, it was really my name. The interest given was growing like a bubble, I was, of course, panicked at all the reaction. Some commented that the kyeomi player was cute, while some asked ‘who is this fellow’. Haha. It’s like the 6 kyeomi player became ‘God’s trick’.


After the broadcast of ‘Weekly Idol’, the hot issue maker Jung IlHoon became a regular guest on the program.

Actually, the script for ‘Weekly Idol’ isn’t long, it uses only 2 pieces of A4 paper. If the script is of that length, the recording ends fast too. Because of that, I had to ad lib some jokes with the guests in that fun atmosphere with MC-hyungs to gain some air time. So, when I first received the script, I thought about how should I do it. It was really hard. MC-hyungs helped out, but it wasn’t a place I’m confident at.

However, different from Jung IlHoon’s worries, he adapted quickly to it. His sarcastic praises have caught female guests’ heart, even before senior idols, IlHoon threw venomous remarks, emerging as the ‘future’ of the variety world.

When asked which guest on ’Weekly Idol’ left the strongest impression, Jung IlHoon chose Infinite’s Sunggyu without any hesitation. Jung IlHoon explained, “I did ‘Weekly Idol’ special episode with Sunggyu-hyung, and it was the most exciting one. The broadcast came out like we’re having a slight psychological warfare, but we’re actually close to each other. And so, we’re able to talk with each other comfortably”, recalling the situation then.

When asked who would he want to invite to be on ‘Weekly Idol’, IlHoon chose his blood-related sister, Joo, “When my sister makes her comeback, I want to invite her to ‘Weekly Idol’ as guest. Even if we couldn’t shoot it together, I hope she would appear on the show”, expressing his wishes.

Source: TV Daily

lol @ 'slight psychological warfare' with sunggyu
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