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Block B's Lawyers Respond to Stardom's Website


The following is Block B's lawyers' response to Stardom's claims:


1. Regarding the claim of a mastermind

Stardom's press statement and homepage post writes as if the members of Block B never intended to terminate their contracts until a mastermind appeared and manipulated them into doing so.

Stardom may not want to admit to this, but this is a matter that the Block B members have deliberated for months on end before coming to the final conclusion through their own free will to terminate their contracts. If Stardom has the time to obsess over the theory of there being a mastermind, then why is it that they are not considering the reasons for Block B and their parents for wanting to terminate their contracts?

Additionally, we believe that Stardom no longer has any intention of managing Block B as a label anymore considering the fact that they will be going through with a lawsuit against the mastermind and calling in Block B to stand as witnesses to the charge.

Block B came to us in December of 2012 after reaching a mutual decision as a group. They asked for their contracts to be terminated, and we complied by sending the proper documents as required by law. Block B and their parents had no problems with the documents in question but Stardom is the only party to continually be lodging complaints against it.

Stardom claims that the documents were fabricated because P.O. was a minor at the time they were sent and treated the documents as illegal pieces of paper. What they fail to realize is that because he was a minor, P.O.'s parents signed on his behalf. Both P.O. and his parents still stand by those papers today, as well as the rest of the members. Stardom claiming that the papers were fabricated do not uphold in the court of law.

2. Regarding the parents' money

Stardom claims that the parents of Block B agreed to postponing taking the matter to court, but the parents never once agreed to such a clause. The parents requested to be paid back several times to Cho Jong Hoon (Cho PD) but he not only failed to make the proper payments, but refused outright to meet with them.

3. Regarding the proper payment of Block B

Stardom claims that they paid Block B on time and that they have submitted all evidence of doing so.

Stardom, however, has already admitted to failing to pay them for their OST participation, MD product income, Japanese fansite income, and events. There are several other areas of income like royalties that Stardom has not balanced or paid out. When they were called out on their lie in the court, they submitted a history of expenses that they wrote up themselves and said that there was nothing else left once the expenses were paid.

The expense report submitted by Stardom was found to also include Cho Jong Hoon's personal promotions and the expenses of the company's other artists. The evidence that they claim to have was never submitted and the documents that they did submit were not enough to believe their case.

We are highly curious as to how they feel that the evidence they put up on their official homepage can stand as legal documents of evidence.

We would like to conclude by asking Stardom to refrain from misleading the media and the public with statements outside of the court and wait until the court makes a final decision. We once again apologize to their fans for concerning them with the matter. The Block B members promise to return the love you are giving them by returning with a matured image.

1. [+206, -35] The evidence that Stardom showed doesn't prove anything because they only provided one month of income on June of 2011, which was when they had just debuted. Any singer just months into their debut would have more expenses than income. Additionally, the amount Stardom claims to have invested in Block B's albums only shows the total amount and not the breakdown of where that money went so it's hard to believe the numbers to be real. Since a final decision isn't out yet, I suppose we still have to wait.

2. [+167, -33] Before you hate, read both of Block B and Stardom's statements.

3. [+175, -42] I think that it will be difficult for Block B to even release articles to the media because they don't have a company. Stardom may be a small company but they are a company nonetheless and have the power to do media play. Whether or not there was a mastermind behind this whole ordeal, the fact of the matter remains that Block B wasn't paid for their work. We already know that although Stardom claims that Block B was on hiatus during their Thailand controversy, they still performed at off-camera events. They were still paid for those performances so it's unbelievable to me to hear that that somehow doesn't count towards an income. Either way, find strength Block B.
source: Star News via Nate from NetizenBuzz
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