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Taemin and Key share the same ideal type?! + Shinee picks Onew as ideal man, no one is surprised

On February 28, SHINee member Key was a guest on Shindong's "Shim Shim Ta Pa."

During his interview, he was asked about his ideal type. Without hesitating, Key replied, "Kaya Scodelario."

Kaya Scodelario, who Key stated as his ideal type, was also chosen by Kim Soohyun as his ideal type.

Key explained, "I fell in love with her beauty when I met her in person. I met her in person in Britain at a party hosted by a magazine. She was the prettiest person I had ever seen."

source: kpopstarz

Taemin‘s ideal type has changed!

For a long time, Taemin’s ideal type had been Emma Watson, and then he had moved onto Kaya Scodelario. But his ideal type seems to have changed yet again. The boys of SHINee were guests for a recent recording of ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, and they all revealed their dream girls.

Taemin stated that his new ideal type was Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried from ‘Mamma Mia‘ and ‘Les Miserables‘ because of her mystical image. Meanwhile Key didn’t choose anyone in particular, instead he chose a girl who shared a lot of similarities with him as his ideal type.

On the same episode, the SHINee boys revealed that they used to live in the same apartment as MC Yoo Hee Yeol, and said, “We saw him all the time in the elevator with a bag of toiletries. He always told us to come over to eat,” which caused the audience members to laugh.

You can catch this episode of ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’ on the 8th.

source: akp + wearesubbing + lolchae

SHINee's statement of dating Onew if they were a girl is gaining attention.

Today on SBS Power FM, the members appeared as guests and talked about funny stories. When asked which member they would date if they were a girl, they chose member Onew.

Key commented, "Onew is a novice when it comes to dating. Since he doesn't know how to go on a date, I would want to teach him what to do if I were a girl." Onew commented, "Hearing this from a guy feels a bit weird, but I am glad that I was chosen by my members."

Minho commented, "We had no choice since Taemin is not here today," making everyone laugh.

Internet users commented, "Onew is a novice?" and "Onew is even accepted by men."

On the other hand, SHINee is back with their new song, "Dream Girl."

source: kpopstarz
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