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Album tracks and more pics from YG's super cute maknae Lee Hi

Turn It Up (intro)
Lyrics: Tablo, Music: Kush & Lydia Paek, Arrangement: Kush

Special (Feat. Jennie Kim)
Lyrics: Tablo, Music: Choice37 & Lydia Paek, Arrangement: Choice37

It's Over
Lyrics: Masta Wu, Music: Robin & Lydia Paek, Arrangement: Robin

짝사랑 (Crush)
Music/Lyrics/Arrangement: Sunwoo Jungah [OP note: she did 2NE1 "It Hurts"]

Lyrics: REALMEEE & Sunwoo Jungah, Music: REALMEEE, Arrangement: REALMEEE & Sunwoo Jungah

The rest of the tracks and the physical album drop on March 21.

another amazing balloon on top of the YG building (they put up the numbers 1234 for her debut)

Lee Hi named this bear Gom Gom E (it also stars in the It's Over MV):


from Lee Hi's tumblr:

"Today at 12:00 (KST)! Finally my first album will be released~ I've worked very hard on this album, give me a lot of support~ YAY!!"

[HI story #13] 3월 7일 낮12시!

HIHEEL ♡ 팬분들께!

여러분~ 오늘 드디어!!

그동안 열심히 작업한 저의 첫번째 앨범 음원이 나와요~

많은 사랑 부탁드려요~ 예히후!!


There was a countdown clock on yg-life for the release of her album:


Also, all the teaser images (without text) are available on Facebook and the YG app (App Store: & Google Play: to make it ultra-easy to change your phone wallpaper to an adorable picture of Lee Hi

The rest of the tracks and the physical album drop on March 21.

Sources: HiHeel on tumblr (translated by Lee Hi on Facebook), yg-life (bear), yg-life (counter), OfficialLEEHI on yt (It's Over MV), Lee Hi UK (track information), markthatcoin on soundcloud
Tags: comebacks, lee hi, music, music video, yg entertainment

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