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Park Shi Hoo reveals full Kakaotalk messages between K & A


After the initial report regarding the new KakaoTalk history that Park Si Hoo‘s legal team has submitted, they have revealed the full message history between Park Si Hoo’s hoobae Mr. Kim and the trainee ‘A‘.

The history includes the conversations that took place leading up to the incident and the ones that follow after. We have seen bits and pieces of the convo before, but Park Si Hoo’s team has now revealed the full transcription.

As mentioned earlier, despite ‘A’ saying that she had cut off contact with ‘K’ and Park Si Hoo after she reported the sexual assault to the police, the history shows otherwise. The conversation takes place even after ‘A’ filed at 8:37 PM on February 15th.

- February 14th -

A: I think I might be able to skip on wearing a parka

K (Mr. Kim): it’s okay you’re pretty no matter what you wear

K: keke

A: keke hul ㅜㅜ but it’ll make me look like a penguin ㅜㅜ waddle waddle

K: awesome (emoticon)

K: are you practicing?

A: yup~~~^^

K: cute~ practice hard then, I’ll see you later~

A: yup~~

A: let me know where we’re going to meet around 10

K: is it okay if we meet around 11?

A: huk 11…

A: but I moved back to my family’s house..

K: where is your family’s house?

A: sangang-dong ㅜㅜ

K: then let’s meet at 10:30

K: ~~

A: okay hehe where??

K: I’ll let you know where again

A: okay~

K: you know where L** is located?

A: it’s in cheongdang-dong right?

K: yup keke

A: okay I’ll see you there~

K: instead of L**, come to the food stand behind that place, you know where it is right?

K: come there instead

A: how come you’re not picking up

K: oh I’m going there right now I ran out of batteries

A: ah hehe

A: I’m grabbing a taxi at the moment

K: okay come to the food stand hehe

A: okay~

K: if you get there before me, just tell them Kim** and they’ll lead you

K: there is traffic..

A: ah hehe okay I’m almost there hehe

- February 15th Day -

[portion below also previously revealed by 'A']

K: sorry I had to leave earlier, I had stuff to take care of at home. Call me when you and oppa (Park Si Hoo) are done hanging out. [12:55 PM]

A: I’m home now [3:41 PM]

K: you feeling okay? (in reference to the night of drinking)

A: I still can’t sober up..

A: I think I was crazy yesterday ㅜㅜ

A: ahah ㅜㅜㅜ

A: the biggest mistake of my life

K: I didn’t know we’d drink like that yesterday either..

K: I was totally caught up in the mood

K: ㅠㅠ take medicine since you aren’t feeling well

A: ㅜㅜ and on top of that.. sigh ㅜㅜㅜ

A: Ji Mot Mi (an abbreviation for ‘Sorry I couldn’t protect you’) ㅜㅜ

K: you didn’t make any mistakes

K: it’s fine as long as you had fun

K: let’s go to the club later

A: sigh keke you’re going to Club L**, right?

K: yup

K: your figure is totally

K: I was really surprised

A: kekeke ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Are you making fun of me

A: the thing I was more surprised about was why I was on the bed with Park Si Hoo oppa ㅜㅜ

K: then do you think you should have been with me?

K: I was going to sleep with you guys but the bed was too small, so I just came out into the living room

A: darn!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Ah ah it was something totally unexpected keke… whew

K: keke I was drunk yesterday too.

K: I’m never going to drink again.

K: you shouldn’t drink either, okay?

A: I usually don’t drink ㅜㅜ but I drank yesterday on purpose because of you!!!

K: aw really?

A: yes (emoticon)

K: rest up first

K: let’s play later keke

A: hehe okay

- February 15th Night (‘A’ files report against Park Si Hoo with police at 8:37 PM) -

K: call me [8:33 PM]

A: I’m still not feeling all that great (from drinking)… [11:57 PM]

A: maybe because of that.. I couldn’t be pregnant rightㅜㅜ I’ve been feeling queasy ㅠㅠ

- February 16th -

K: you think you’re pregnant? [2:34 AM]

K: you did it with oppa (Park Si Hoo)?

A: well of course we were both naked ㅠㅠ Don’t act like you don’t know ㅜ sigh I still can’t sober up [4:49 AM]

A: I guess there is still some residual alcohol effect ㅜㅜ

K: your status, did you write it so that I can see?

A: no~ my friend — someone who’s been ignoring me

A: whew

K: I’m unable to eat because my stomach hurts.

K: where are you?

A: home of course ㅜㅜ

K: whew

According to the content revealed, the day after the incident on February 15th, ‘K’ sent ‘A’ a message at 8:33 PM saying “call me”, and ‘A’ responded on the same day at 11:57 PM saying, “I’m still not feeling all that great (from drinking) maybe because of that.. I couldn’t be pregnant right.”

As the message about the sudden worry of pregnancy comes at 11:57 PM, after ‘A’ had filed her report at 8:37 PM, Park Si Hoo’s legal side pointed out, “‘A’ suddenly worries about pregnancy after she reported him to the police on February 15th around 11 PM, this can be seen as the point where the true intent of ‘A’ comes out.”

In addition, as mentioned before, this also goes against ‘A’s claims when she said that she had cut off conversation with Mr. Kim after she had filed a report as it is shown that she continued her conversation even numerous hours after filing.

Sources : Star News, edaily , akp

The Chosun Ilbo :

Park Si-hoo Discloses All Test Messages in Rape Scandal

Actor Park Si-hoo, who is accused of raping a young woman last month, has disclosed more text messages which he claims bear out his contention that he was framed.

Park was responding to a move by the woman's lawyer, who revealed messages she had exchanged with a friend of Park's who introduced the two. The messages suggested that the woman was surprised to find herself in bed with Park when she regained consciousness after what she claims was a night of heavy drinking.

"The messages were not the full text," Park's lawyer said. "If you look at the full Kakao Talk messages, it is evident that there was no force involved in the sex, while [the mutual friend] did not realize that Park and the woman had sex," the lawyer claimed.

Park's defense team published all 47 messages the woman exchanged with Park's friend between 12:55 p.m. and midnight the day after the alleged rape. The woman had earlier disclosed 31 messages sent between 12:55 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

In the additional messages, the friend tells the woman at 8:33 p.m. to call him. The woman responds at 11:57 p.m., "I still feel queasy. Do you think I got pregnant because of that?"

At 8:37 p.m. that day she reported to police that she had been raped. Yet she continued to communicate with Park's friend, according to Park's lawyer. Earlier, the woman claimed that Park and his friend tried to contact her several times after she told police she had been raped but that she did not respond.

As the plot thickens in the case with both sides revealing additional text messages, the woman's lawyer submitted her mobile phone to police on Wednesday seeking all of the messages to be restored. Police have asked Park to turn his mobile phone in as well.

Source and Credits : the Chosun Ilbo

Tags: actor/actress, court / legal issues, scandals, trigger warning

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