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Beautiful Princess Shin Min Ah Megapost

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Nüyou magazine

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Shin Min Ah the unimaginable nine-tailed fox

Is your impression of the nine-tailed fox an alluring woman, or a cute girl? Mimi after interviewing popular Korean actress Shin Min Ah says, she is as unexpected as she is onscreen.

Photographer WEE KHIM




Assistant Stylist WILSON LIM


Nine-Tailed Fox Seductive or Cute

The impression of the nine-tailed fox in Chinese culture is an image that has been demonized – in order to seduce men for their lives, the nine-tailed fox will incarnate into a beautiful woman. If like me, when “nine-tailed fox” is mentioned and you think of the above association, then we are surely in the same generation of “elderly people”.

However if you were to mention “nine-tailed fox” to a certain person and yet their reaction is: “Oh, I know! Nine-tailed fox is very cute, and very lovesick, for the sake of Dae-woong can give up even her own life!” Then, the “nine-tailed fox” that this kid knows, must be that nine-tailed fox played by Shin Min Ah in the Korean drama “My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox”.

This Korean drama was a popular hit during its broadcast period, when nearing the climatic end, viewers were all very concerned about whether the love of the main male female characters nine-tailed fox and Dae-woong will come to fruition, nationwide ratings soared. Shin Min Ah’s interpretation of the nine-tailed fox is kind, cute, innocent, and infatuated, able to sacrifice all for the sake of her beloved, abolishing the organ-eating image of the nine-tailed fox, successfully winning the hearts of audiences.

Nine-Tailed Fox Ignores High Calories

This trip to Singapore was not Shin Min Ah’s first. “The first time I came was for magazine shoot, and also attended some product events. After that I also came here for vacation. I really like Singapore; it’s like a large melting pot of different cultures here. I also like the shopping here, the food, especially the chilli crab, I really cannot resist, addicted to it, it’s a must-eat every time I come!”

Speaking of eating, there’s some small revelation – Shin Min Ah’s figure is tall, very slim, you must think that she is like a general female celebrity who is very cautious in regards to eating, and will avoid high calorie foods, only eating vegetable salads etc. and non-fat non-starch types of food; however according to reports from an “informant” responsible for her reception, Shin Min Ah when ordering beverage, ordered high-calorie hot chocolate without hesitation. Also, besides chilli crabs, hotel management told me that on the day of the photo shoot, when Shin Min Ah was eating lunch, she also specially ordered char siu bun, as she said she really wanted to eat it, and she ate two.

Therefore, it seems that she is not like many female stars who will be excessively concerned about calories in the diet. Despite this, she is still able to maintain a good figure, what exactly is the secret to this maintenance?

“I will regularly exercise! Actually, I’m a person who really loves to eat, I won’t let myself go hungry, thus in regards to eating, I will eat small frequent meals. In regards to the secret to maintaining figure and health, besides exercising more, I consider having positive thinking as very important. Whatever the situation, always tend to think positively. When not working, I will spend time with my pet dog, and also meet with friends. In short when relaxing I will enjoy it as much as possible and do the things I like to do. Of course, enough rest is also very important, when not working I will replenish sleep.”

Nine-Tailed Fox Sexy Pouty Lips Curvy Backside

Photographer Wee Khim says, Shin Min Ah is not very “Korean”. If just looking at outer appearance, definitely won’t be able to guess she is a Korean actress, especially with a pair of bright big eyes, we’d think she is a Chinese star. It is said that there are many Korean viewers who also have this same thought. The Korean media often uses “sexy” to describe Shin Min Ah, because of her fine figure, and also because of those ever pouty sexy lips that renders one with speechless desire.

Does Shin Min Ah feel that she is sexy? She answers confidently: “Yes, I feel that I’m pretty sexy, my sexiest part is backside. Actually, for me, “sexy”, attire and figure are not related, sexiness is an attitude, for example Hollywood star Christian Bale, I think he is the sexiest celebrity.”

Asked her what kind of clothing she thinks will be able to make women seem very sexy, she says: “Jeans, the close-fitting type! I think every woman should have a pair of close-cut jeans.”

Speaking of attire, the Korean media has awarded quite a few best-dressed awards to Shin Min Ah. Her impeccable style is publicly known. “‘Shin Min Ah style’ taste is – simple and elegant. I like very stylish-looking yet unrestrained dressing. This kind of dress will make me feel comfortable, at the same time without losing femininity.”

Nine-Tailed Fox Loves Romantic Love

Recently just finished watching Shin Min Ah’s new drama “Arang and the Magistrate”, male lead is Lee Joon Gi who just completed military service and returned to showbiz. Asked about working with Lee Joon Gi, Shin Min Ah says: “He is full of energy, and very playful, we very quickly became close, working with him was a lot of fun.”

This was Shin Min Ah’s first historical drama, she says: “It was the middle of summer when we were shooting, it was extremely hot, but still had to wear layer after layer of thick costumes. Honestly if had to compare, I still like modern drama more. Besides my original preference for watching romantic comedies, it’s also because don’t need to wear thick costumes, plus with the time period background that I’m familiar with, I will be better able to get into character in a modern drama.”

The last drama acted as a nine-tailed fox, in “Arang and the Magistrate”, Shin Min Ah played a female ghost. Asked her, why directors coincidentally like to get her to play supernatural roles? She laughs: “I think it’s probably because the director felt that my appearance and personality suited the role in the drama. The greatest difficulty encountered in playing this kind of supernatural role is that you need a lot of imagination to rehearse. Afterwards still need to take into account the ability of viewers’ acceptance to act out these unrestrained supernatural roles, it’s really not easy.”

Nine-Tailed Fox Is Actually Very Quiet

Before starting to act, Shin Min Ah was a fashion model, plenty of runway experience. Asked whether she prefers to be a model or an actress, she says she really likes both jobs. “My experience as a model in the past, allowed me to better understand how to perform using body language and facial expressions. In terms of acting, this is extremely important. The only difference is that as an actress, my social responsibility is more significant.”

The year 2012 has already passed, the year 2013 just started. Looking back at the year 2012, what feelings does Shin Min Ah have? In this New Year, what kind of New Year wishes does our Ms. Nine-Tailed Fox have? “My year 2012 was very exciting, from participating in the drama “Arang and the Magistrate”, I benefited lots. The role in this drama was really skill-testing, allowing me the chance to hone my acting, thus after finishing acting I improved a lot in all aspects. In this regard, I am very grateful. Looking ahead into 2013, I wish to have more time to exercise, live more positively and actively! I wish to be happy everyday.”

The nine-tailed fox in “My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox” is lively and cute, kind and lovesick; Arang in “Arang and the Magistrate” is optimistic and positive, persistently investigating the reason for her own death and wanting to restore memory. Don’t know if it’s because of the effect of these two roles, my illusion of Shin Min Ah is that her personality must be the same as them – enthusiastic and talkative. But when face-to-face, the Shin Min Ah that I interacted with is very reserved, and very quiet, spoke very little, concentrated very hard during photo shoot, serious attitude, totally different from what I imagined, which consequently made me nervous and cautious.

Perhaps this is the professional behavior that a good actor should have – once the director shouts “action”, then must wholeheartedly get into the drama character, presenting a completely different self. Regardless of whether it’s a lively and enthusiastic Shin Min Ah onscreen, or a reserved and quiet Shin Min Ah in reality, she is beautiful and moving all the same. As is her New Year prospect, let’s also wish Shin Min Ah healthiness and happiness!

Now that the drama has ended, what plans are next? “I’m temporarily resting. But during this time I will still continue photo shoots for magazines, and also shoot commercials.”

nuyou | smainternationalfans | pdoublek

Shin Min Ah Official Website News updated (2013-02-09) ~ New Year Greetings

New Year Greetings. I’m Mina

Dear fans

Hello, how are you? It’s really been a long time since a greeting, I am Shin Mina. Has everyone finished 2012 well and started to happily prepare for 2013?^^ I feel a bit of burden yet excitement as I welcome my thirty years of age. Haha

I should say hello and have all sorts of news often instead of greeting only when it’s already the New Year. Everyone please be understanding with a broad-mind of my shyness and laziness. ^^ And as always I am with a grateful heart thankful for your words and support.

In the year 2012, I organized my mind, was together with family, traveled, and rested well. This year, I will meet everyone with a more mature even better appearance. Everybody get rid of frustrations and tough things, hope everyone will be fully happy working. If you look around, you will discover there are truly lots of small happy and joyful things. I hope everyone cherishes memories made, one by one. I will always be thinking of your undeserving love too while I work hard.

Even if it’s the first day of Spring the weather is still so cold, always watch your health be careful not to catch a cold!! Receive lots and lots of New Year fortune/blessings.

shinmina.co.kr | smainternationalfans

JOINUS 30th Anniversary


JOINUS Spring 2013 I did not include the pictures already posted here by purekpopology

smaintfans2 | inthefonline | joinus.co.kr | smainternationalfans (O_O I want EVERYTHING)

Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub 2013 GIORDANO

Coco Jisub | smainternationalfans

Attends “The Last Stand” Vip Premiere

To skip creepy Lee Byung Hun go to 00:35
Q: Shooting movie with Director Kim Ji-woon?
Now Director Kim Ji-woon is in the process of shooting a short film that I’m also starring in
I know everyone is looking forward to it, everybody please wait for a little while longer
(In regards to “The Last Stand”…) It should be very interesting, really looking forward to it. Fighting!

Kang Dong-won and Shin Mina pair up for short film

I got really excited when I heard that Kang Dong-won (Psychic) and Shin Mina (Arang and the Magistrate) were going to pair up for a Kim Ji-woon movie (The Good, The Bad, The Weird, I Saw the Devil). But then discovered that it would be a short film, which had me confused — what kind of short would get such big stars? The project, called Hide and Seek, is a short action thriller that’s basically going to serve as a showcase for a new theater technology called ScreenX that surrounds you on all sides. That sounds… like sensory overload. Also, haven’t they already done that with IMAX? Call me an old fogey, but I still think 3D is invasive.

Crazy surrounding dome experience aside, I do expect the Kim Ji-woon/Kang Dong-won/Shin Mina combo to produce something worth watching. The thriller stars Kang Dong-won as X, a mysterious agent who has to transport a package, the contents of which he doesn’t know. Shin Mina plays the girlfriend to the secret-laden, secret-keeping X. I’m sort of imagining a pared-down chase movie, where you skip all the exposition and just get down to danger.

Lee Som (Ghost, White Christmas) co-stars as his handler, named Fingers. Hee. I really like this cast, and wish desperately this were a full-length feature. Lee Som is definitely a young actress to watch — she’s still newish, but she feels so different from the cookie-cutter starlets. She does dark really well, which I like.

The film is being conceived as a dome-theater 360-degree multi-projection thing, but all that is frills and I could take it or leave it (leave it really, if I had a choice). Maybe it’s a flash in the pan or maybe it’s not, but in any case I care more that whatever movie they make would still hold up on a regular screen. ‘Cause I don’t literally need to be chased from behind to get into a chase scene. Just sayin’.

Hide and Seek has started shooting, and will premiere this spring.

smaintfans3 | smainternationalfans | TV Report via Dramabeans

OMG dead. I hope I got everything right.
Look at her comforting beautiful Prince Lee Jun Ki about his kissing

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