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cr. FeelingTVXQ | Only5Olleh


[TRANS] Jungwoo….You didn’t forget him right..? ^^ I miss you…….

cr. | trans. ohmyjunsu | vid. republicofjyj


[TRANS] Did you make some new friends on your first day of school? Some of you are probably first-year students, right? We hope you get along with everyone~ By sharing JYJ’s music with them~~ haha

[TRANS] Hello guys~ You're doing well right~? Let's all have fun on LINE~ Bambaya~~ Eunkyangkyangkyang~~

cr. | vid. XiahPress | trans. shinkipeia


[TRANS] I came to the UNICEF Korea Board^^ Everyone also help to find hope for the children in Africa^^

[TRANS] Sincerely thank those people who made these JYJ AWOO dolls^^ When I look at the dolls, Yoochun-ah~~~Junsu-yah~~~I miss you~~(We'll see each other in a while though..haha)

cr. | trans. shinkipeia

[NEWS] 130306 JYJ Kim Jae Joong Invites Fans to LINE Star Chatting

Back in February, JYJ opened up its official account on Naver LINE. Making use of the new membership, Kim Jae Joong will be chatting with several lucky fans through its Star Chatting.

From March 6 to March 8, fans can sign up for Naver LINE and apply to for the chatting session by emailing their LINE IDs and phone numbers to by March 8 at 6PM (KST).

The star chatting with Kim Jae Joong will take place on March 11 and will be broadcasted live through Naver’s TVCAST with opportunities to win autographed CDs or LINE dolls.

cr. enewsworld


[TRANS] Who wants to chat with~ me…? You’re all signing up for it, right? ;;

[TRANS] If we get a lot~ of applicants, I’ll release a video of Yoochun and Junsu that I got from someone a while ago~^^

[TRANS] Are you waiting for the video? haha
I’m currently holding a discussion with the Tokyo Dome Live choreography team~~~~~ Directing discussions are fun~~~^^

[TRANS] I still remember hearing Yoochun and Junsu laughing and messing around as I slept… and smiling when I heard them… haha A staff member showed me this video of them, and all I could think was that our members can still be.. so cute~^^

(yoochun & junsu dancing and fooling around to Hug)

[TRANS] Good night~~~~~~~^^

cr. | shinkipeia | trans. | vid. 올레 카시오페아


[TRANS] Have a great lunch~~^^ After eating lunch, shall we read the story I wrote for the Naver Star Column together? haha Good luck to JJ’s Asia Tour!!!! haha

- - - - -----------------

[TRANS] Hello, this is Yoochun~^^ I’m at our office right now, waiting for my tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) to get here~


[TRANS] Wow~~~~ This is cool~ ^___^ Everyone, I’m really hungry right now. My mom made me kongbiji (bean curd) stew for breakfast today~

[TRANS] I’m bored~!!!!

[TRANS] But I’m still not going to go back on Twitter


[TRANS] Doesn’t this look delicious~ muahaha~~ haha

[TRANS] I’m going to eat this all before Junsu gets here!!!

[TRANS] I prefer eating sundae (stuffed intestines)~~~~!!! kekeke

[TRANS] Bye guys~~~~~ lol bye bye~~~~

- - - - - ---------------

[TRANS] Guess who this is~~~~~~~

[TRANS] Ooh, ooh, what about me?

[TRANS] Then guess~~~ who~~~ this is~~~!

[TRANS] Till now, this has been JYJ!!!! TGI Friday~~~~~~lol (T/N: The Korean term is literally ‘Burning Friday’, which just means that since the weekend has began, everyone should get out and party hard; it’s the Korean equivalent to TGIF)

cr. | shinkipeia | trans. |

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