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Joo Won future movie star

Actor Joo Won will appear in a new movie.
The actor's agency, Sim Entertainment, revealed on March 8th, that the actor will play the lead role in upcoming movie “Only You”
The movie is directed by Lee Hyun Jong (No Comment, 2002) and will be about a police man (Joo Won) who is chasing a burglar and ends up falling in love with her.
This will be Joo Won's third participation in a movie, the actor appeared in the 2012 horror movie “Don't Click” alongside Park Bo Young, and in the 2011 movie “Special Investigation Unit” alongside Uhm Tae Woong.


Joo-won headlines cops ‘n’ robbers rom-com

So, totally didn’t intend for it to be the Week of Joo-won Headlines, but I guess Fate’s got other ideas. After three hit dramas (Baker King Kim Tak-gu, Ojakkyo Brothers, Gaksital) and one that defies all earth logic (here’s lookin’ at you, Level 7 Civil Servant), Joo-won is going back to filmlandia to take his first headlining role in a movie.

It’s a romantic comedy called Only You, which is so vague you may as well call it A Romance Film. Though really, I suppose you’d get more people in the theater if you just went ahead and called it Movie Starring Joo-won-ie. The movie will be an unusual love story between a house burglar and a cop. It’s described as a light comedy, and will be directed by newcomer Lee Hyun-jong.

Joo-won will be playing the cop, which is kind of a bummer, given that he’s played that character about ten thousand times already. I’d rather have him be the cat burglar. Meow. The production is still in the casting process for the thievin’ heroine. I can only say this with so much emphasis because there’s no such thing as double-italics: She’d better be a good match for him. That is all.

Only You hopes to finish casting and start shooting as soon as Level 7 ends. No rest for the pretty.

Joy News | Dramabeans
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