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Miss A supporting Fei on Dancing With Stars + Fei introduces her partner to fans for DWTS!

miss A came to show their support for Fei on ‘Dancing With the Stars 3‘!

The first episode of the third season aired on the 8th. Before the actual competition kicks off the first episode showed footage of each contestant preparing for their upcoming competition.

Fei expressed her worry by saying, “miss A has an image of being able to dance well, so I’m worried people will be disappointed. But I want to do well as a professional.”

Fei worked incredibly hard, and even practiced by herself during the break she had while miss A was rehearsing for their Singapore showcase.

The other ladies of miss A wanted to know first about her male partner. They asked, “How is he? Is he good looking? Did you get his number?“, and Fei burst out into laughter.

But of course they also cheered Fei on by saying, “I think Fei will do very well. I want to see her on stage already. I hope she gets #1.”

miss A‘s Fei has found her professional dance partner for MBC‘s reality dancing competition, ‘Dancing With the Stars 3‘!

On March 7, the singer introduced fans to her dancing partner via Twitter, writing, “This is my partner, Kim Soo Ro. Please show us lots of love and support ^^. Chachacha. Keke,” and sharing the photo above.

Followers responded to her tweet with supportive messages like, “I look forward to season three of ‘Dancing With the Stars’!", “Can’t wait to see your performance“, “You’ll do great", and more.

‘Dancing With the Stars 3′ premieres at 10PM KST on March 8th.

sources: AKP 1/2 | Fei's Twitter

So, what do you think of the guy? I haven't watched the first ep yet, but he seems adorable in some screencaps
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