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BTOB Minhyuk talks about being good at sports, his wish to guest on Running Man and more

A hot sensation was felt during 2013 MBC Special episode of ‘Idol Star Sports Championship’.
Group BTOB’s MinHyuk had beat tough competitors such as SHINee’s MinHo and ZE:A’s DongJun, rising as a 2 times winner for both short run and hurdles category.


On this day, Lee MinHyuk stood out among the rest of the many idols, showing off his sportsmanship and was crowned as the next athletic-dol, hence, catching attention from fans.

Recently at a cafe in Seoul’s NonHyunDong, MinHyuk who received an interview with TVDaily commented, “It’s really amazing that everyone seems to know (about me). Lately when I’m outside, everyone would remember me as the ‘fast kid’”, expressing about the attention he has received after the broadcast.

After the broadcast of ‘Idol Champs’, MinHyuk also took on the challenge on cable channel tvN’s ‘Three Idiots’. In ‘Three Idiots’, MC Eun JiWon competed with MinHyuk for the 70m hurdles. MinHyuk won against Eun JiWon tailing quite far behind, once again secured his title as the athletic-dol.

On the shooting day of ‘Three Idiots’, I think I ran faster than ‘Idol Champs’. Towards the finish line, only then I felt my speed. As I run, I thought to myself, ‘Why am I running this fast?’. Hehe.

During the special episode of ‘Idol Champs’, MinHyuk excelled in his high jump too. He flaunted his high jumping skills and fought closely for the match. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to pass through the 1.65m height and regretfully ended up with a bronze medal.

(Just having a bronze medal) Was really regretful. I think it’s because I’m lacking of jumping techniques. Every time I jump, it felt different. Next Chuseok special, I will need (Roh) Jihoon’s help in training my backward jumps and I will participate (after that training) again."

On this day, another BTOB member, IlHoon, was present and expressed that the team’s atmosphere changed after MinHyuk won the gold medal.

IlHoon testified the situation, “When kyeomi player became a topic, the members praised me. But when MinHyukie-hyung won the gold medal, they started sayingJung IlHoon, you’re finishedand I was neglected.

MinHyuk followed, “The members’ reactions are really good. In particular, Eunkwangie held my hands and said, ‘Thank you. Because of you, we BTOB are alive,’” while impersonating how Eunkwang reacted.

MinHyuk spoke about his wishes, “If there’s this chance, I would like to participate in Idol Championship or any other sports match again, and I hope to appear on ‘Running Man’ too.”

source: TV Daily & translated by loveindacube, picture credit the triple

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