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9moses shares group struggles, seeks to throw off their kill heels, & wants to have a reality show!


With an average height of 172cm, Nine Muses certainly seems to fit snugly into the nickname ′model-dol′ given it with its debut. The nickname did much in establishing the team′s image in a fierce year, when the debut of such successful girl groups as 2NE1, 4minute, T-ara, f(x) and Secret in 2009 brought on a torrent of more new debuts the following year.

While the nickname, which was focused on the members′ looks, belittled their musical capacity as a result, it did help Nine Muses build a unique image of its own and let it avoid comparison with most other girl groups.

Though it looked peaceful on the outside, however, Nine Muses actually had to suffer from the storm raging within. Many members left the group while still others made their way in; the original members Jae Kyung, Rana and Bini left early on, and the group welcomed one by one Hyun A, Kyung Ri and Sung-A. This confusion actually helped the members bond more tightly together.

Lee Sem said, “Sometimes people ask us whether we′re ever going to promote in units, but the truth is, we′ve already done so. It was against our will, as the number of our members kept changing to seven, then eight…. I think it′ll be too confusing to set up another new unit now. We were always in a unit. We′ve only just become the full nine-member group Nine Muses.”

Sera added, “Rather than promote in units… I hope the members talented in music will work on OSTs or get featured in other songs, and those talented in acting will get to appear in dramas and films. I believe the nine-membered Nine Muses comes first in music for now.

There were moments in their career, during the promotions for their mini album and two single albums, when things didn′t turn out as they would have hoped. There were also other moments when the members really became stressed out. Whenever this happened, they all got together and screamed out songs at the top of their lungs in their car or sweat it out in a dark practice room, with only the others′ dark silhouettes to keep them company.


Finally in January 2013, the girls launched their new set of promotions for the first time in nine months with Dolls, returning with the entirely new concept of holding a comeback showcase at an army camp.

Dolls is a song that incorporates real brass and guitar sounds, helping the members put on their own transformations with individual dance moves and sleek choreography.

Euaerin said about the song, “We practice about seven to eight hours a day for three to four weeks when we have a new song. Now, since we′ve been doing this for four years, we′ve become more flexible and we can pick up dance moves more easily than before.”

“Everyone has her own style,” Eun Ji said. “At first we worked hard to make everyone look the same so that the choreography would look more neat, but now since we′ve been together for so long it takes less time. We emphasized sharp choreography with Figaro, and concentrated on showing off our individual charms with News. I think Dolls can be placed somewhere in between.”

The division of the team into Black Muses and White Muses was also a move to help the members emphasize their individual images. As a result the group made it easily into the top 10 ranks, and the song also landed higher on the chart.

Nine Muses, of course, is not satisfied yet. The time has come to seek out a more active means of transformation and overcome its limits. This meant the group would someday have to leave behind its long and leggy image, and turn its ′model-dol′ image into something more friendly.


Hyun A said, “Killer heels spotlight feminine lines, and help women stand in better postures. Since our team is represented by our heights, it′s even harder to let go of our heels. Still, the heels won′t let us put on fiercer choreography. We just hope that we′ll overcome not only the limitations in choreography, but also the views of the public, as they see us as a group hard to approach due to our height.”

We really want to be on reality shows too!” Min Ha said. “We could show the concerns every girl in her mid-20s must have. We can show off some things that other girl groups can′t, like points in shopping, nail care, investment and bills. If there are producers who want to know about the real lives of girl groups, I hope they think to contact us.”



man, i love how honest they are.
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