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Girl's Day Comeback Post

“Nearly three years after their debut, Girl’s Day is finally releasing their first full-length album Expectation. Other than their previous singles like “Twinkle Twinkle,” “Don’t Forget Me,” “Don’t Flirt” and Oh! My God!, the album comes with six new tracks including the title song, which features a mix of analog and electronic sound. Sojin composed the intro Girl’s Day World and the group members also penned the lyrics for I Don’t Mind, which is composed by American producer Gregg Pagani.”

Girl’s Day Vol. 1 – Expectation
01. Girl’s Day World (Intro)
02. 기대해 (Expectation)
03. I Don’t Mind
04. Easy Go
05. 그녀를 믿지마 (Don’t Trust Her)
06. White Day
07. 어쩜 좋아 (Oh, Great!)
08. 반짝반짝 (Twinkle Twinkle)
09. 한번만 안아줘 (Hug Me Once)
10. Oh! My God!
11. 나를 잊지마요 (Don’t Forget Me)
12. 너 한눈 팔지마! (Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander!) (Remix Club Ver.)
13. 기대해 (Expectation) (MR)
14. White Day (MR)

Girl group Girl’s Day is releasing their first full album, “Expectation”, 2 years and 8 months after their debut. It contains 14 songs: 6 existing ones and 6 new ones, including the title track which was composed and produced by songwriter Nam Ki Sang, who created Girl’s Day’s hit songs “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander!”, “Hug Me Once”, “Don’t Forget Me”, etc. There are also 2 instrumentals.

Since they debuted in July 2010 with their first single album “Tilt My Head”, Girl’s Day has come out with 2 mini albums, 5 digital singles, and 2 special singles. They have also participated in 2 songwriter project albums and 4 songs for drama OSTs. In total, they have actively participated in 15 different releases. In particular, the song “Twinkle Twinkle”, released in March 2011, was a record-breaking hit and proceeded to be used in variety shows and drama commercials. With Japanese performances, Girl’s Day represented South Korea as a leading girl group.

The title track, “Expectation” (Music: Nam Ki Sang / Lyrics: Nam Ki Sang and Daniel R.) is armed with a hybrid of analog and electronic sounds that run counter to each other yet are suitably customized.

Through this song especially, you can experience Hyeri and Yura’s fresh and distinctly individual vocals as well as lead vocals Sojin and Minah’s enchanting, sexy, and matured singing. They delicately express a woman’s mentality of wanting to make a flirty but cool man theirs and with an exciting and addictive chorus, they refreshingly let loose on a subject that can at times be heavy.

Producer Nam Ki Sang lavished Girl’s Day with praise, saying “The girls have matured more and more with their appearance and musicality” and “During this round of activities, you will be able to see a side of Girl’s Day that has changed 180 degrees”.

Besides the included title track, the first full album “Expectation” also contains other new songs.

The members attracted attention by participating in writing lyrics and music for this album. They infused them with Girl’s Day’s unique musical color and had a large share of the work.

Leader Sojin has already been acknowledged for her composition skills with her song “Telepathy” and on this album she personally wrote the lyrics and music for “Girl’s Day World”. As the album intro, this song introduces a straight-forward and anticipated beginning. It openly expresses Girl’s Day’s charms through an exciting beat with minimal synth that plays up their voices.

Also, the members collectively participated in writing the lyrics for “I Don’t Mind”, a song by the famous American producer Gregg Pagani, who has made hit songs for popstars Babyface and Charlie Wilson, Jon B, Che’Nelle, etc. You can get a sense of Girl’s Day’s more upgraded musicality and how they have surpassed their own musical sense.

Girl’s Day received the song as a gift from Gregg Pagani; its defining feature is that its mood is quite different from Girl’s Day’s songs.

This album also contains the new songs “Easy Go!” (by Han Sangwon, composer of KARA’s Japanese single “Go Go Summer”, V.O.S’s “I Now”, Monday Kiz’s “Footprints”, etc), “Don’t Trust Her” (Lyrics: Glorious Faces and Shina-E / Music: Glorious Faces and Gentleman), and “Oh Great” (Lyrics: Eva / Music: Soulzean).

As the team magnae Hyeri has turned 20 (T/N: in Korean age), the whole atmosphere of the team has changed too. For this album, they are armed with a sexy concept from choreography to clothing to hairstyles to makeup and you can now see a more mature Girl’s Day compared to their previous albums.

Their outfits follow a black and red color code: with see-through tops that resemble lingerie and short hot pants, they are highlighted as proud and restrained sexy beauties. The choreography is as we’ve come to expect from Girl’s Day, who haven’t shown their chests and waists; rather, you can feel their restrained and sexy beauty through emphasized movements formed by their shapely legs.


Source: YesAsia via Girlsdaydaily.com and park jin geun@Youtube
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