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Rumor mill from Entertainment Radar

1. One music producer was recently overheard complaining about a rookie singer named 'C' who's been earning popularity for her S-line. According to the producer, C was a trainee who originally prepared to debut with a girl group but it wasn't long until she got kicked out of the company. The reason was none other than her complicated relationships with men and her disingenuous attitude. The producer said, "C was actually quite the octopus, dating several different men she met at clubs. She'd always be busy dating and complain about being too sick to come to rehearsals all the time. I really don't know how she actually debuted as a singer now."

2. Female actress D seems to be focusing on getting her career on the path to success not through her acting but through her body. It's been a while since D debuted but she's been long forgotten on the small screen due to her poor acting skills and consecutive drama failures. Recently, she's been gaining attention for her role in a cable drama after appearing several times in revealing dresses. D got breast augmentations at the beginning of her career in hopes of her thin body standing out more. One broadcast associate said, "Normally, women with naturally big breasts will try to avoid revealing clothing. It's always the women like D who get work done who then try to show it off. I actually feel quite sorry for her because it seems she knows she's not getting anywhere so revealing her body is her last stab at getting attention."

3. Entertainment companies E and F are well known for threatening with lawsuits against any actor who chooses to leave their company. They'll pick up naive stars in the rookie stages of their careers and hold them down with slave-like contracts. Once the actor wakes up and realizes what's going on, the producers will refuse to let them go, telling them to take it to the court if they dare. For a while, their method worked in the industry, and they've actually made plenty of money from stars who were willing to pay the termination fee to be let go or be persuaded to stay. Fortunately, it seems their method is no longer working, as an actor has stepped up and agreed to take it to the court, eventually leading to the two of them facing a lawsuit. Hopefully this time, they'll see how scary the law really is when it's not on their side.

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How reliable are blind items? - 'Blind item' rumors without any sources, up to what can you believe?
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