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I only included special dates (member(s) in attendance, special event, etc)

11.28.12 (Tiffany+Jessica's parents)


t-manager making the manager and other sone cheer on jessica <3
soshified, jessturedotnet, imfai

12.12.12 (Yoona+Krystal)

i think she called the dog yoona lol

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

jessturedotnet, soojungacom, ehsrktmenro

01.08.13 (Seohyun+her mom)


02.14.13 (Yuri)

“Kwon Yuri jjang! sorry… I don’t think I can take off my [fake] eyelashes ㅠ_ㅠ”
this is the reason why yuri came back from japan with tts (gaon award show) and jessica (legally blonde) even though she had no schedule

HOBBANGTH, ZOMMII ZOMMII, soshified, official girls generation

02.20.13 (SUPERJUNG)


02.21.13 (SPIDERJUNG)
after becoming a superwoman, tonight she has transformed as spiderwoman


03.06.13 (Sunny+Sooyoung)

G WhiteB, astralstone85 1 2

woorissica did a live streaming special event after the last performance

[Translations @18:15]Jessica: Thank you very very much for coming to the last performance like this. I was really touched. Thank you very very much. Are you all Korean? You understand what I'm saying right now, right? There was no response, so… Hi~ What?

fan: You're so beautiful that we were at a loss for words

Jessica: Be quiet [fan says something] What?

fan: I came to 3 shows and I fell in love all 3 times

Jessica: Really? (idk what the next fan said) Someone who came a lot, how many shows did you come to?

fan: I watched all of them

Jessica: Really? Thank you (… looking at stands) Who told you to do this with such an ugly picture of me? With such a glorious thing like this.. (…) You want me to hold it up? I'm going to take this home. It seems like they don't like that. Yeah… Does anyone want to say something?

fan: I love you

Jessica: You're a Thai fan?

fans: Yes

Jessica: Sawadika (something else in Thai, lol;;)

[someone on the side]: We're going to start our own graduation now. Everyone sing together, please

Jessica: (looking at the cake) This is really pretty. Thank you. Wow, this is pretty

fan: You're prettier

Jessica: It's pretty. Really, thank you

[someone on the side]: Start singing

Jessica: (what she sang back) Thank you so much. I learned a lot. Through pain. Through you all (normally, after 'through pain', it goes on, "Through failure. I got all the way here through all of your strength,") I'm like a crazy person right now. Thank you so much, really. Who got this (I think that's what she said), it's really pretty. Should we blow it out together? One, two, three-

manager(?): I give it to her? (…)

Jessica: Thank you (…) This? (looks at the thing on the floor) I'm going to look at it by myself. This is pretty, thank you. (fan drawing) Why do I look so old? Who drew this? Who is it, that did this? You drew it well. Thank you

[after speaking English to the fan(s)]

fan: I can't understand

Jessica: Study English! Are you even my fan?

fan: Sorry, I'll study it

(…) Jessica: This, where's that thing? /Yeah, you said you'd prepare it. /Really? How do they see me? /Outside? (Idk what they were trying to do.. directing her to look at the right camera?)

(…) I'm going to miss Sic Woods a lot, too. Thank you for cherishing her so much. It's been 2 years? Right? Although I probably won't do it ever again- I'm not saying I won't do it, but since it's over now. I have the mindset of wrapping it up. But Elle Woods was very precious to me. So I'm really really grateful, and because it seemed like you liked her/me so much, I feel really happy. And all of you who allowed this precious time like this, and… This is Woorissica, right? Our SNSD fans, thank you very very much, and I think you're jjang. As expected, SONE is jjang.

(no idea what the fan yelled out) I think it's time for me to leave now. They keep telling me to leave from the side, which is why I'm saying one more thing, because I want to stay. (said something like should they stay there, i think?)

fan: Yes..

Jessica: What's up with the reaction? Thank you so much. I'll treasure these things, and eat them well. Girls' Generation, what do we have? What activities do we have? Concert. Korea concert?

fan: I have to go before I go to the army.

Jessica: Army, You still haven't gone to the army yet?

(couldn't hear what the fan said)

Jessica: Is 2015 coming? Yes, it will.. Be on stand by.

(…) fan: Don't get hurt during the Arena concert

fan: Come back safely

Jessica: Alright, thank you. People who can come to the arena tour- Sorry. I really want to invite you all, I'm really sorry. But, soon in Korea, [english… lol] (…) There are a variety of people here… (idk what the fan said) You know that I'm not the member who normally speaks, right? I'm not the member who usually MCs.

fan: Please MC

Jessica: Who is curious about something?

fan: Why are you so pretty?

Jessica: How old are you?

fan: 2nd year in middle school

Jessica: You're in your 2nd year of middle school, but you like me? I'm sorry. [continue to] Like Girls' Generation a lot. Who else is curious about something?

fan: Why don't you come to Daegu?

Jessica: Oh, Daegu. Haven't I done this in Daegu before? I have, but the schedules didn't work this time. I'm sad. There should be a reason for, not me, but Girls' Generation to go to Daegu [in the future], right?

fan: Bend and snap

Jessica: Bend and snap what? Why do you keep telling me to do it?

fan: Because only you're here

Jessica: Let's do it together. It's most appealing when guys do the bend and snap

fan: What scene was the most memorable?

Jessica: The most memorable scene?

(a fan said kiss scene)

Jessica: No, the kiss scene wasn't memorable for me. A kiss scene is just a scene that passes by. It's just a scene that clears up the end. What I remember the most is Paulette.

fan: She's really good

Jessica: She's really good, right? And she took care of me a lot

fan: We could tell

Jessica: Oh, really? And so I think I will remember that sunbae/senior a lot. What else might I remember? I like ballads, so the song I sing with Emmett-- I really like 'Like A Doll'. Do you like it? (…) They keep telling me to leave. Then does someone else have a question? I want to take 3 more questions

fan: What goals do you have in the future?

Jessica: Future goals? That's really fresh (…) This is the center. (…) I'll take three more questions (…) [pointing out a fan] Ask me. Yeah yeah, unnie.

fan: I just raised my hand

Jessica: Wow, you're random just like me. dae dan hada

fan: Do 'forty'.

(… don't know what the fan asked)

Jessica: At first, I tried to prepare it, 'you're defeated/a loser'. I actually prepared that. But I haven't prepared anything else before. I think today was really a freestyle; could you tell?

fans: Yes

Jessica: So today, Emmett oppa said it felt like a new performance today. So we had lots of fun, too. Yeah, the atmosphere is drooping. (not sure what she said at the end)

fan: there's one more [question] left..

Jessica: There's one more? Yes?

fan: Taeyeon and Hyoyeon didn't come-

Jessica: Taeyeon and Hyoyeon? I guess we'll have to think that their hearts were here. It's not like I can say anything to them? I just don't have to go when they do something later in the future. I'm kidding (…) Oh, during curtain call, Yuri told me remove my eyelashes before coming out. But I didn't think that would be good manners to you all-

fans: It's okay/You're still pretty

Jessica: I know. I'm sorry. The three questions are over now.

fan: Heol. Daebak sageon.

Jessica: Heol. Get home safely. Thank you

jess890418 1 2, ch0sshi

I compiled all the fancams into a playlist for easier viewing here. Enjoy and leave a comment! <3

the only members who didn't go were hyotae lol they went last time (2010) while yuri hadn't. during the most recent arena tour, sica held hands with hyotae to run down the middle and here's a little bonus hehe

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