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Happy #UKISSSoohyunDay everyone!

Soohyun from boy band U-KISS recently celebrated his 25th birthday, and despite being swamped with “Standing Still” promotions, his fellow members took some time to celebrate the leader on his big day!

“To our lovable leader Soohyun hyung!!!” Kiseop posted to his Twitter, along with a photo of a birthday cake. “Really truly congratulations for your birthday♡ I love you >_____<”

AJ also posted, “It’s our Shun-leader birthday?! ㅋㅋ Happy birthday! Don’t be sick and stay healthy!”

Kevin simply posted a hashtag that had been trending at #1 on Twitter earlier – #UKISSSoohyunDay. Meanwhile, Hoon posted another angle of the festive birthday cake, which featured a likeness of the birthday boy along with colorful letters that spelled out ‘SOOHYUN’. Eli kept his message short, simply saying, “Happy Birthday @ukissSH !!!!!^^”.

Although he’s already received plenty of goodwill for his big 2-5, we’re sure he could use a little more – happy birthday, Soohyun!

Source: allkpop

I'm very glad Soohyun was able to have a party with his members. Happy birthday to the leader who is two days older than me! Soohyun spam in the comments? I think so!
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March 12 2013, 02:37:43 UTC 8 years ago

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He is! Soohyun has a great head on his shoulders and leads U-Kiss in a way that is so perfect for the group. I feel like he is able to know just what each of the members needs - whether Kevin needs to have a cute 2hyun moment on Twitter or someone to sing eith, Dongho needs someone to act like an average kid his age with, Kiseop needs someone to take pictures of him, Eli needs someone to act silly with who isn't Kevin (lol), AJ needs someone to bounce song ideas off of or Hoon just needs someone to sit quietly with him.
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