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“UKISS, Sorry for the international promotions… Plans for a sub-unit?”


Idol group UKISS has finally made a comeback after a year and a half. As the youngest member Dongho officially became of age, all members have now entered their 20’s, and can now “comfortably” showcase sexier concepts.

March 7th UKISS revealed their 3rd full album, ‘Collage.” The title song, ‘Standing Still,’ is of progressive house style is a music genre that has never been introduced to Korea before. Through impressive body waves and dance moves full of emotion to the fingertip, this song portrays a man’s sincere confession towards his lover.

“I’m finally 20 years old this year. (Applaud) Why I’m telling you this, is to prepare you guys for the more upgraded performances we plan to show you. Our album ‘Collage,’ as unique as the name suggests, is composed of a wide variety of styles and colors. There are fun, upbeat songs, and ballads as well, a lot of great songs. You won’t get tired of this album; there is so many different styles to listen to.” (Dongho)

In an effort to ameliorate their performances and vocal skills, UKISS has worked very hard in their time of inactivity, to come back better than ever. Rather than the powerful dance moves expected from UKIS, this song was enhanced more through accentuated body motions. Their point dance move is noted by standing in a ‘V’ formation, popping their shoulders left to right, along with their feet to the beat of the song.

“We were really excited to show all our fans what we had prepared. Despite of how long it has been since we had performed on stage, we were very touched to realize all the fans that enjoyed our performances. To be honest, we did feel a bit worried that we weren’t going to able to meet everyone’s expectations of us.”(Soohyun)

After 6 years have passed since their debut. Instead of the rookie label placed in front of UKISS, it is more fitting to see them as experienced. Rather than being known as idol groups in the music industry trying to “survive” by seeking numbers in charts, they are known as the idols who seek fans who will show interest in them and enjoy their music. The key element is that they know the importance of those that support them unconditionally.

“Now we are happier to hear that more and more people are pleased with our music, rather than how well we chart. We want to show our fans, as well as those who may not have known UKISS, how much we have progressed since our debut, how much we have improved. It would be an honor for us to be called as the skillful idol group with the exceptional songs.” (Kiseop)


Japan, China, Indonesia, South America and more, there are good news for many domestic fans that were distressed from the amount of UKISS’ international activity. After 3 months of vigorous and consistent promotions, UKISS hinted that in the near future, the later half of 2013, they will return to meet their fans as sub-unit groups promoting in Korea. The details are yet to be released, but the news has gotten the members thrilled.

“This year we think probably there will be sub-unit promotions, although I can’t tell you for sure that this will happen… (laughter). Because we have certain members preparing for musicals and for dramas or movies, I think [sub-unit promotions] will be coming up very soon. We even have more international activities prepared for all of our fans, so we ask of you, your continuous support for UKISS. We are speechless in how grateful we are of our supporters. This song we will promote until you get sick of hearing it, for 3 months straight~. We hope to make more memories with everyone. (Soohyun)

I am freaking the fuck out. subunits are all i never knew i wanted. AND 3 MONTHS? WHHHAT? for Standing Still?? I love the song but seems a bit long? so many sleepless nights~.

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