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What is a Baby Box?

'Baby Box'

In 2009, a religious group started a 'Baby Box' orphanage that allowed mothers to drop off their unwanted babies into the box anonymously to prevent the babies from being thrown into trash cans or left to die on the streets.

In 2013 so far, 19 were left in the baby box in January and 18 in February.

'Please write down the baby's birthday!'

(Pastor recounting his experience the first time a baby was dropped off in the baby box) "It was around 2:40 when I heard the doorbell. I thought it was just a passerby when I went down."

"But I discovered a baby lying there. It felt like all the strength was leaving my body and I just dropped to the floor." "Some of the babies we receive have not even had their umbilical cords cut yet, while some have." "Sometimes mothers will give birth and wrap the baby up in something and drop them off immediately." "And it made me think to myself that all of these babies would have died if not for the baby box."

(A mother agrees to an anonymous interview on why she is dropping off her baby. Aside from her example, there are a variety of reasons mothers give up their babies to the baby box, such as babies born out of wedlock or affairs.)

Pastor: "Why are you giving up your baby?"
Mother: "Pastor, I will tell you the truth."

Pastor: "Yes, tell me the truth. It's all right."
Mother: "My baby was actually born out of an extramarital affair." "The man is married and I am also married (to another)."
Pastor: "So you both have separate families?"
Mother: "Yes." "I met him at a night club." "We met about two or three times."

"While I'm glad the babies can be in a safe place... This still makes my blood boil."

"What sin have the babies committed to deserve this... Right after birth.."

"They're the ones that made the mistake but it's the baby paying the consequences."

"This really broke my heart when I watched it on TV..."

"I hope that parents who throw their children away live in pain for the rest of their lives."

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