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Update on PSH rape case

/!\Trigger Warning/!\

Park Si Hoo′s Mother Met with His Accuser′s Father Soon After Lawsuit was Filed


It has been confirmed that Park Si Hoo′s mother secretly met with the accuser′s father soon after she had filed her lawsuit against Park Si Hoo.
According to an official on March 7, Park Si Hoo′s mother met with the father of the accuser ′A′ on February 20, five days after the accusations were first made. It seems the two sides met in order to reach an agreement before the incident would make it to the press, but it is not clear on what exactly the two sides talked about.

The meeting didn′t last very long. According to an official working at the location where the meeting was held, A′s father suddenly left soon after he had met with Park Si Hoo′s mother.

Park Si Hoo′s mother apparently also went to meet A′s attorney at the attorney′s office.

Another official told enews, "Park Si Hoo′s mother visited the office of A′s attorney in order to find a way to reach an agreement, but she wasn′t able to do so."

It seems Park Si Hoo′s side was looking for an agreement because that would mean the incident could immediately be resolved.

Lawyer Yang Ji Yeol of the law firm Ga Yul told enews, "Even though [Park Si Hoo] asserts he′s innocent, that′s just one of his opinions. He must endure a long, painful course in order to be cleared. If he reaches an agreement, however, everything can be resolved instantly. When two sides reach an agreement, the case loses its right of arraignment. Only the prosecutor can submit a case to the court, but if the case loses its right of arraignment, the prosecutor can no longer do so. It could be best for Park Si Hoo to try to reach an agreement."

Park Si Hoo was sued by A for rape on February 15.

Photo credit: enews DB
Source & Cr : E-news eng

The Head of Park Si Hoo′s Former Agency Says He is Not Behind the Case

Park Si Hoo′s former agency head opened up on the claims brought up against him.
He said in an interview with enews, "The theories that I′m behind the entire incident are 2,000 percent not true. I have sufficient evidence to prove so. It is true I met with [the accuser] ′A′ and [her senior] ′B′, but that was merely to try to get both parties to reach an agreement. I feel terrible that though I did my best, putting this incident as my priority, I′ve been misunderstood to be the one behind it and I′ve even been sued."

Theories that you′re behind the accusations have sprung up again with the release of Kakao Talk messages from B. They show her saying, ′I′m trying to figure out how to screw [Park Si Hoo] up with his former agency.′

"This doesn′t make any sense. I never talked about such things with B. I just asked B to let me meet A so that we can talk about reaching an agreement. We met up together, and we did our best to comfort A and try to find a solution. I even met A′s father through B, and pleaded with him. I did my best, even getting A′s father and Park Si Hoo′s mother to meet each other."

The theories look more convincing because the Kakao Talk messages seem to have been sent just before A filed her lawsuit.

"The time doesn′t make sense either. I never met B before the lawsuit was filed. I was barely able to meet her the day after, at 10 p.m. How do you think I would′ve been able to meet with B and put together a scheme before the lawsuit, then? B just thought up the Kakao Talk messages. I was only thinking of how to get the issue to end more smoothly back then."

Didn′t you feel resentful toward Park Si Hoo because he left your agency?

"All emotional issues aside, any problem that comes to Park Si Hoo also harms me in my business too. Though our exclusive contract expired, we have a lot of unresolved issues in overseas business. I was the one who led those contracts, so if we hit a problem, I will have to be the one to pay compensation. Why then, do you think I would want to bring Park Si Hoo down? I needed the issue to be settled."

You have come to be sued by Park Si Hoo.

"That was terrible. Park Si Hoo and his family knows how hard I worked to get them to reach an agreement. After Park Si Hoo was sued, I was the one who first visited Seobu Police Agency to try to find a way out, and I even tried persuading A and her father. Park Si Hoo′s mother and little brother were there when I met with A′s father. I′m sad that despite all this he′s come to sue me as the mastermind behind everything."

What will you do next?

"I will have to defend myself any way I can. I have evidence that will clear me, but I didn′t release them in case they may bring harm to Park Si Hoo. Now, I will turn in all my evidence [to the police] for myself."
Source & Cr : Enews Eng

Head of Eyagi Entertainment Sues Park Si Hoo in Return

The head of Eyagi Entertainment, Park Si Hoo′s former agency, sued Park Si Hoo for making false accusations against him.

On March 12, the law firm Sun and Partners stated through press releases that it had "filed a lawsuit against actor Park Si Hoo to the Seobu Police Agency on March 11 for making false accusations."

The firm continued, "We have gathered data on members of the press and netizens who spread false information about the [agency] head ′H′. We plan to have them bear civil and criminal responsibilities."

It also said it would sue the senior of the accuser, who has been talking to the press, for discussing the theory of the agency head being the mastermind.

It finished, "We hope everyone involved in the case will stop manipulating the media and wait for the conclusion to come from the investigators."

Park Si Hoo sued his accuser, her senior and H on March 4 for attempted threat, libel and false accusations.

The actor has asserted that the three joined in a scheme to make him pay them money, while H has denied the accusations.
Photo credit: enews DB
Source & Cr : Enews

Park Si Hoo Answers to a Lie Detector for Five Hours


Park Si Hoo attended a five-hour-long investigation with a lie detector at the National Forensic Service.

The actor avoided meeting with the press, leaving the building in a silver van. He used the entrance that usually admits cars carrying bodies for evaluation.
The opinions of Park Si Hoo and accuser ′A′ differed greatly even though they had been set before a lie detector.

A rep commented after the test had started, "Their opinions differ so greatly that we decided to start again at 1:30 p.m. after having lunch."

The results of the lie detector test, which Park Si Hoo, A and K all attended, will be released on March 17. The results of the test will not be able to serve as evidence in trial, but they will be used to determine the truth behind the testimonies. The investigation is currently concentrating on finding out whether the sexual relations were forced.

Whether Park Si Hoo, his junior ′K′ and A will be subject to a cross-examination hasn′t been confirmed yet.

A police official said, "We can′t answer whether Park Si Hoo will have to attend a cross-examination. We can′t open up on future schedules."

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min
Source & Cr : Enews eng

Dispatch summarizes PSH + A's claims in a timetable

Time Table of Events (2/15)

12 - 1:50 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo, A, and K drink together
2 a.m. = The three arrive at Park Shi Hoo's dorm
2 - 3 a.m. = A throws up at the front door, she washes herself voluntarily
3 - 4 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex
4 - 10 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A sleep but wake up periodically throughout the night
10 - 11 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex for the second time
1 p.m. = K leaves Park Shi Hoo's dorm
3 p.m. = A leaves Park Shi Hoo's dorm
3 p.m. - 8 p.m. = A returns home, text messages friends
8:30 p.m. - early morning of 16th = A files a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo
2 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo, A, and K left the restaurant at 1:50 a.m. The three of them got in the car and drove to Park Shi Hoo's dorm, which is 5 minutes away. In the car, A lost consciousness. According to the parking lot CCTV, A was spotted being carried into Park Shi Hoo's dorm on K's back.
Park Shi Hoo = A was drunk and threw up as soon as the elevator door opened. After going into the dorm, she took off her shoes and went into the bathroom. After throwing up several times more, she gargled with mouth wash. A washed her face and tried to wake herself up out of her drunken state.
A = I don't remember anything.


3 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex for the first time. The controversial matter here is whether there was 'force' or not. Park Shi Hoo claims both parties consented while A claims that she was not conscious at the time.

Park Shi Hoo = A walked into Park Shi Hoo's room on her own. After washing up in the bathroom, she went into his bedroom and sat down on the bed. The two then talked for a bit, realized their feelings for one another, and then had sex.

K grabbed a blanket and leaned on the sofa in the living room. He told them that he would be taking a short nap because he was tired and then promptly fell asleep. Park Shi Hoo and A were in his bedroom and K was in the living room the entire time.

A = I don't remember anything.


10 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex for the second time. According to Park Shi Hoo, they had waken up several times throughout the night before finally agreeing to have sex again. He claims it was consensual. A claims that he was already on her when she woke up.

Park Shi Hoo = We weren't able to fall asleep easily. A kept going in and out of the bathroom because she overdrank and drank water frequently. I woke up in the morning and we had sex again for the second time. We talked before and after. More than anything, there is no reason for me to have forced myself onto her when she is not conscious.

A = When I opened my eyes, I was naked and Park Shi Hoo was forcing himself onto me. The reason I remembered that being our second time was because he told me, "We had sex earlier in the morning as well, don't you remember?" I wanted to stop him but I was unable to protest.

Suspicion = Why did she fall back asleep? The second time they had sex occurred 7-8 hours after A was taken to the dorm drunk. She was naked for over five hours after their first time. Park Shi Hoo's associate said, "If A was raped like she claims, she should've gone home as soon as they finished having sex the first time. However, she fell back asleep."

1 p.m. = A files a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo and K for rape and sexual assault. She claims that K had molested her before he left to go home. K rejects the claims.

Park Shi Hoo = The reason why K came into my room to put away his blanket needs an explanation. My dorm also functions as an office because we rented it out as both our company office and manager dorm. Because nobody actually lives in here full time, the house is actually quite cold, which is why K needed a blanket to sleep in the living room. At 1 p.m., while preparing to go home, he brought the blanket back into the room.

A = K was in the living room when he came into the bedroom saying he was cold. Before he left to go home, he came inside Park Shi Hoo's bed. I was naked at the time and K touched my breasts.

Suspicion = If K had sexually assaulted her at the time claimed, then why did she stay at the dorm until 3 p.m.?
3 p.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A leave the dorm at this time. They exchange phone calls. Park Shi Hoo explains that he was interested in her so he input his number into her phone. A also text messaged K after leaving his dorm.

Park Shi Hoo = I gave her my number before seeing her go home. If I had raped her, why would I give her my number? The CCTV shows A leaving with a bright facial expression while checking her phone. She seemed to be KakaoTalking.

Suspicion = If she was raped, why would her expression be bright?

1. [+574, -16] I think having Dispatch investigate the case will be faster than the police

2. [+421, -26] tl;dr: A is a dirty kkot-baem

3. [+402, -25] The b*tchiest b*tch you will ever find in the world

4. [+61, -4] Stupid b*tch, she's got nothing to say so she keeps saying she doesn't remember anything ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

5. [+61, -5] Isn't walking into someone's dorm, washing up in their bathroom, and sitting down on their bed basically consenting to having sex with them? Nobody verbally says those things out loud anymore. Who says "Let's have sex"?

=> Only a part of korean netizens' general opinion.

Sources : netizenbuzz, Dispatch
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