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Inkigayo reveals details on their new ranking system. Oppars are going to have a hard time

SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘ will be returning to its ranking system starting this week, and more details on how the new chart will work have been revealed.

The new ‘Inkigayo’ chart will no longer count physical album sales and broadcast points, and will focus on only digital sales, fan votes, and SNS points. An ‘Inkigayo’ representative revealed, “Digital sales will count for 50%, SNS points 30%, and mobile votes for 20% [of the total score].”

This system will be different from the one that ‘Music Bank‘ uses as it steers away from the emphasis on physical album sales. Because ‘Inkigayo’ has determined that actual album sales are difficult to track and get an accurate estimate from, it has done away with physical sales completely. This will prove to be a challenge for male idol groups, whose physical album sales are strong factors.

The SNS points will be calculated based on artists’ popularity on social media sites such as YouTube and Twitter. Fans will also be able to cast their mobile votes through SBS’ official mobile app, SOTY. The free SOTY app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android.

Let the voting begin!

source: akp
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