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EvoL’s Hayana rushed to the emergency room due to abdominal pains


With just days away from their comeback, EvoL shared the unfortunate news that member Hayana was recently sent to the emergency room due to health complications resulting from stress.

Hayana, who was practicing for her comeback stage and upcoming album release in the practice room on the 13th, had to halt filming for her group’s choreography video upon experiencing severe abdominal pain and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Stardom Entertainment revealed, “It is unfortunate that we have to experience such a thing following news of their comeback. We will manage our artists to steer away from the internet backlash, and we hope that rumors that haven’t been verified by EvoL or Stardom Entertainment don’t blow out of proportion. During that time, the EvoL members’s comeback was delayed due to unfortunate happenings unrelated to the group. But they kept on working hard to prepare the best comeback stage. We will support them to the best of our ability so that all five members can perform the stage they dreamed about in a healthy manner.”

source: akp

Tags: evol, health

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