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Fraudsters trying to get a piece of Gangnam Style money cake

YG Entertainment Doesn’t Bat an Eye at ‘Gangnam Style’ Plagiarism Accusations

With Gangnam Style playing all around the world, a songwriter decided to pick a fight with YG Entertainment, claiming that the song was plagiarized.

On March 14, YG Entertainment revealed that there was songwriter who claimed that Gangnam Style was copied from his own song.

“Last year (2012), there was one songwriter who filed a lawsuit against Psy’s Gangnam Style,” said YG Entertainment. “But it’s pretty easy for anyone to figure out that Gangnam Style was not plagiarized from the songwriter’s song.”

It was also revealed that the song, titled Bad Style, was released in November, four months after Gangnam Style. The songwriter was claiming that YG Entertainment stole his product from the past.

“There were a couple of forceful cases like this. We don’t necessarily feel the need to take drastic action against this,” added YG Entertainment. “The lawsuit asks for monetary compensation. It appears that this person is using Gangnam Style’s popularity to receive money.”

The monetary demand is said to be more than 100 million won.

Meanwhile, Psy will be holding a concert on April 13 to reveal his new single.

Source: Grace Danbi Hong | CJ E&M enewsWorld @
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