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"If a war breaks out, please save our INFINITE oppas first"

With North Korea's threat of war looming over the country, 112 is receiving an explosive number of calls asking what will happen in the event of a war.

On March 14th, the Kyungnam Police revealed that they have been receiving an influx of calls and texts from the 11th through the 13th since North Korea declared the 1953 armistice invalid. They've received a total of 800 texts in total thus far.

The questions range from innocent inquiries like "Is North Korea stronger or is America stronger?" and "Where will North Korea shoot their nuclear weapons?" to pranks like "Will I be drafted as a student soldier in the event of a war?" and "Is our country screwed if we go into war?"

Most noted, however, are questions from teens and elementary/junior high school students who are calling by asking for a certain celebrity to be saved. "Please save our INFINITE oppas first if we go into war."

A representative said, "We've been receiving 300-400 calls a day and we're afraid that it's going to interfere with our work. We're trying to calm everyone but students are spreading groundless rumors that are causing more unrest. The schools need to talk with them about this."

source Kuki News via Nate + Instiz + NetizenBuzz
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