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[Rumor Mill] + X-Files

1. There's been a lot of Hollywood stars visiting Korea in the New Year - 6 in three months already. Leonardo DiCaprio made his first visit recently, but unfortunately left much to be desired among photo journalists.

DiCaprio did not use the route he promised to walk through when he entered through the airport, leaving journalists stranded on the wrong side and unable to take his picture. During his press conference, he also asked people not to film or take pictures. Journalists had been waiting for six hours to be able to take his picture, so they were obviously devastated with his decision.

The majority of the journalists refused to take pictures during the photo time and announced that they would be leaving the conference all together. They even boycotted the red carpet event out of spite.

2. What are we to do with this actress. Top actress C who's currently starring in a popular drama as the leading role is said to have quite the attitude on set. Whenever something doesn't go her way or she so much as bumps into something, she'll leave the set right away, leaving the set in a frantic, emergency state. Because they can't continue without the leading character, it leaves the rest of the cast's schedules and recording schedules in a tangled mess.

That's not all. When she won an award for a previous drama along with her co-star 'F', she was said to have said, "I'd rather not receive the award at all if I have to receive it with an actor of such lower status."

Fortunately, her co-star in her current drama 'G' is said to have an awesome personality as well as being quite skilled at cleaning up the messes she leaves behind.


These are X-File type rumors that have been running around (you'll recognize the first one if you read the Han Ga In/Yun Jung Hoon post). These are all from February.


3. Flower boy actor A is said to have developed a relationship with actress B after getting to know her during his service. Recently, A was spotted getting into a hotel with B after his discharge. The important thing here is that B is a married woman. Her husband C apparently knows about their relationship but isn't acting on it, so people are assuming that they have a 'free relationship'.

4. Idol group member D who recently got into some trouble over her attitude is said to be dating co-star C from a drama they starred in together. D is said to be quite obsessive with C...

5. Idol singer F, who was recently involved in a big scandal, seems to have taken a change in image while preparing for her drama and broadcast return that's taken an impact on her personality. She was previously known to be an introverted and quiet person, but these days, she can often be seen reprimanding juniors and even hitting on male idols. It's reached a point where even junior celebrities are complaining, "*** unni has gotten so weird..."

6. A member of a national idol girl group who's known for her innocent image has been everywhere lately from advertisements to variety shows. Unfortunately, it seems the popularity has all gone to her head, as not only journalists but even PDs are talking down about her... She's often late to pictorials and can often be seen taking out her frustrations on the staff and even swearing at them when they request to rerecord something... Her actions are putting quite a number of writers in a predicament.

7. Middle-aged actor B is quite the trend lately, as every movie he's been in has managed to be a hit. As it turns out, a dig into his past has revealed that he has three criminal records of sexually assaulting men when he was in his 20s. Insiders say that they're sitting on this piece of information and waiting for a government scandal to erupt so that they can release it then and use him as a distraction.

8. It hasn't been that long since super top star K was discharged from the army. People say that he's currently living with actress M, who hasn't debuted all too long ago but is still rising in popularity. K is known for his many female fans, so it's a wonder how they'll take it once it's confirmed...

Entertainment Radar, Off the Record | Netizenbuzz

6 is basically Suzy right? Lol
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