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wtf is happening: Dispatch obtains alleged KakaoTalk history between ‘A’ and ‘B’

Never one to stay back during a scandal, ‘Dispatch‘ has just released their exclusive article on Park Si Hoo‘s sexual assault case as they claim that they’ve obtained KakaoTalk message history between trainee ‘A‘ and her friend ‘B‘, as well as the audio file of the conversation between ‘B’ and ‘C‘ (the CEO of an agency that ‘B’ knows).

The media outlet states they’ve been investigating into this issue themselves, and was able to obtain text messages exchanged between ‘A’ and ‘B’ that should give insight into why ‘A’ had reported the sexual assault so early, even before a full day had passed; and also how this case was able to hit the news so fast, in just 3 days after her report to the police.

According to the portions of the messages revealed by ‘Dispatch’, ‘B’ was the one who insisted that ‘A’ makes sure she goes to the police immediately on February 15th, when ‘A’ had planned on going the day after on February 16th.

In addition, it seemed ‘A’ and ‘B’ were consulting with acquaintances to figure out what their next steps should be, and also talked about if they should be giving a portion of the settlement money to those who gave them advice about what they should do.

The conversation between ‘A’ and ‘B’ on February 15th:

February 15th Night (the day after the alleged incident when ‘A’ decides to report the case)
A: Do you think I can go tomorrow?

B: No. They said you need to go now

B: Don’t answer the phone. Don’t wash yourself either

A: Eung. I’m going to the police now

A: Should I get urine and hair strand tests too?

B: Eung. They said do everything you can.

B: Let’s settle too and get several tens of millions KRW. Park Si Hoo will probably get on his knees and beg

B: Actually instead of money, let’s just get him punished. He’s dead now


Conversation between ‘A’ and her worried mom:

Later on the 15th (when ‘A’ undergoes investigation by the police)

A: Mom, I’m going to the police now

A: Don’t worry. If Park Si Hoo had the upper hand, he wouldn’t be this scared

A: I heard his entire fortune is about 3 hundred billion KRW [~ 270 million USD] so do you think [with a sum like that] he can’t even stop the police?

A: But seeing that Park Si Hoo is asking to let him live, it means he’s caught in a situation where he can’t do anything about it

This next set of messages are from February 17th between ‘A’ and ‘B’:

February 17th noon (the day before news breaks out on the 18th)

B: They say it’s right to get news articles out first

B: They say that settling is nonsense

B: They say that if we get articles out tomorrow, we can get even more settlement money

B: And Park Si Hoo will be getting a fatal blow

A: Eung Eung


February 17th night

A: Do you think those people are telling us to take settlement money so they can claim it for themselves..

B: Eung, but I think it’ll be good to give them a bit of it too

While ‘A’ had gone to file her report, ‘B’ met with the CEO of the agency she knows, ‘C’, and told him that ‘A’ had been raped. ‘C’ then called ‘D‘ (Mr. Hwang – the CEO of Park Si Hoo’s former agency, Iyagi Entertainment). ‘B’ then heard about ‘D’s response to the situation and told ‘A’ about it.

However, it seems after ‘A’ and ‘B’ had decided to get articles out into the media, ‘C’ and ‘D’ apparently started to get suspcious and questioned the intention of ‘A’.

‘B‘ then called ‘C‘ and warned him not to mess with them, saying, “Mr. Hwang ['D'] told ['A']s father to settle so the situation hasn’t turned out well. That’s why I got news articles talking about rape to go out first,” and, “I’ve already planned it even up to this so don’t mess with us.”

She also mentions how she speculates there might be drugs involved and how Park Si Hoo probably can’t do anything about it because he’s probably given ‘A’ drugs in her conversation with ‘C’.


So with these messages and conversations revealed, ‘Dispatch’ offers answers to 4 questions they’ve proposed:

1.) Did ‘A’ and ‘B’ conspire? - ‘B’ gives advice to ‘A’, which ‘A’ follows

2.) Who planned the media play – ‘A’ and ‘B’

3.) Is there another accomplice? – ‘A’ and ‘B’ seem to be getting advice from their acquaintances as ‘B’ keeps passing on the words she’s obviously heard from someone else. They also discuss about giving a bit of settlement money away to these acquaintances.

However, ‘Dispatch’ says that the person or people helping ‘A’ and ‘B’ is not ‘D’ or Mr. Hwang, Park Si Hoo’s former agency CEO. They say that from what they’ve uncovered ‘D’ had only met with ‘A’ after she was investigated by the police. According to the files the agency has submitted to the police, ‘D’ sent text messages to ‘A’s father asking to settle.

4.) Does ‘A’ have other intentions besides punishment? – ‘Dispatch’ says most of the conversation was about settlement money. ‘A’ and ‘B’ were confident about this case as ‘B’ even suspected of drug use involved, and their hopes for the settlement money were great. ‘Dispatch’ also says that they spoke with someone who worked with ‘A’, who said she had plans to go to Australia. When they asked ‘A’ if she has the money for it, she said she was confident that she would be able to go. ‘A’ also talked about Park Si Hoo’s fortune with her family.

Source: Dispatch via Nate + akp

sorry about that mods.

There's an audio at the source (akp) that I'm not going to embed because it's not translated and I feel uneasy at doing it.
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