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B apologizes to Park Si Hoo, PSH's lie detected + rumours about A & K's ITW

Park Shi Hoo, Accuser's Friend "I Want to Apologize to Park Shi Hoo"


Park Shi Hoo, Accuser's Friend "I Want to Apologize to Park Shi Hoo"

The friend (referred to as Ms. B) of the woman who accused actor Park Shi Hoo of rape, tried to apologize to Park Shi Hoo. Only time will tell what kind of effect her statement will have on the final result of the case.

In a private interview with, Ms. B stated,"I believed everything she said the day after but I didn't know they were lies. Because of her lies, I became a victim and Park Shi Hoo also became a victim. I want to sincerely apologize if Park Shi Hoo was affected by my actions in any way."

Ms. B has been investigate two times already in relation to the case. She had defended the woman thinking that she was the victim but, "She planned it with Park Shi Hoo's previous entertainment company representative. She requested $1 million and tried to split the money."

As a result of the case, Ms. B revealed that she has been affected mentally. She also mentioned that her parents have been hurt from the process as well. She added, "When I heard that she was raped by Park Shi Hoo, I couldn't stay still. We were very close for 4 years and we never had any problems so I believed everything she said but when I saw the police investigation report and the Kakaotalk messages, I realized that she was using me."

According to Ms. B, the woman had told her that her memories stop at the bar and that she had sent a message to Park Shi Hoo's friend saying, "I'm so confused why I was raped." She continued to say that what she heard is completely different from what is being revealed in the media. The surveillance video shows that she walked out of the bar just fine and the messages don't show any sign of the word 'rape'. These are the reasons why Ms. B thinks that she was fooled by the woman as well.

As a result, Ms. B stated that she wanted to apologize to Park Shi Hoo even though it is late. She stated, "My thoughts of wanting to help my friend that I've known for 4 years only hurt Park Shi Hoo. I am not directly related to the case but it is definitely my fault that I ruined his reputation. If I get a chance, I want to sincerely apologize to Park Shi Hoo. I really want the truth to come out of this case."

Meanwhile, the woman who accuses Park Shi Hoo of rape claims that she lost consciousness at the bar while drinking with him and his friend. She claims that she was raped by Park Shi Hoo and sued him the next day. She also filed a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo's friend who was present at the bar with them. Park Shi Hoo explained that, "We developed feelings for each other while we shared drinks. We shared a moment. There was nothing forced."

Park Shi Hoo and his entertainment company filed a lawsuit against the woman for various reasons including ruining his reputation. They also filed a lawsuit against Ms. B for ruining his reputation as well as Park Shi Hoo's previous entertainment company CEO Mr. Hwang of EYAGI Entertainment.

Although some mysteries have been solved, it does not seem like this case will end any time soon.

Source : kdramastars

Resulting from this, Eyagi's CEO sues her.

PSH ADN found in A :

Park Shi Hoo, Matters that Need Confirmation


There seems to be various problems calling to be addressed.

#1 Statement released by Park Shi Hoo's representatives on March 7

Woman A begins to worry about a pregnancy after 11PM of February 15. Suspecting signs of pregnancy not even one day after sexual intercourse is questionable since it goes against common sense of pregnancies.

#2 Statement released by the police on March 11, after the DNA results come out.

According to the results form the National Scientific, Criminal & Investigation Laboratory, the DNA that was found on woman A are in fact Park Shi Hoo's DNA.

#3 Interview with Park Shi Hoo's representatives

According to Park Shi Hoo, woman A was conscious during the sexual intercourse and she was very active during both, first and second, times the sexual intercourse occurred. Woman A insisted on birth control so Park Shi Hoo used a condom. If she was unconscious from intoxication, she would not have been able to show that kind of attitude.

March 13, Park Shi Hoo, his friend K and accuser A have all been investigated under the polygraph machine. The date of the incident was over a month ago but there isn't any progress in the case.

The three statements mentioned above are the most dependable out of all the evidence that have been revealed so far. However, the second statement and the third statement seem to conflict.

If Park Shi Hoo did indeed use birth control during sexual intercourse, there is a large chance that there would not be any DNA present. However, his DNA was found and it is a cold hard fact. One of those statements, therefore, must not be the truth.

Park Shi Hoo's DNA that was found does not indicate that there was any forced sexual intercourse. However, the DNA found on the woman A's reproductive organ shows proof that there was skin-on-skin contact.

A number of people are stating that the intercourse actually may have been forceful because of the DNA and the conflicting statements. However, all of this will be up to the court to judge.

Also, looking at the first statement, Park Shi Hoo's representatives claim that the woman's premature worries about a pregnancy show the nature of her accusations. However, wouldn't a woman be more concerned about a pregnancy if the sexual intercourse was forced?

Park Shi Hoo, his friend K and woman A faced each other for further investigation by the police on March 14th.

This case is becoming more and more confusing as time passes and does not seem like it will end soon. There is no need for statements like, "I was fooled" or "I'm innocent", all Park Shi Hoo needs to prove now is that he was not forceful throughout their sexual intercourse.

Source : kdramastars

Rumours about A :

Park Shi Hoo's Representatives "The Woman Did the Same Thing 2 Years Ago"


Park Shi Hoo's Representatives "The Woman Did the Same Thing 2 Years Ago"

A 22 year old woman who is trying to become a celebrity has been described as, "We found that she has threatened a different man in the past with the exact same thing" by Park Shi Hoo's representatives.

According to Park Shi Hoo's representatives, Mr. Lee who is also trying to become a celebrity had sexual intercourse 2 years ago. The very next day, she contacted him saying, "I think I'm pregnant" and a close friend of the woman got involved saying, "Take care of this" and tried to scare him.

Mr. Lee stated, "I spent the night with her and she told me she was pregnant one or two days after.She used the pregnant scenario and told me to take care of it. The conclusion is that she wants money. That was very similar to Park Shi Hoo's case."

Park Shi Hoo's representatives stated, "We are planning to file his official report with the police, describing his personal encounter with her."

On the other hand, the woman's representatives stated, "In the process of filing a report with the police, there were no threats involved and we have not even tried to contact them at all."

Previously, Park Shi Hoo's representatives released his friend's conversation he had with the woman on Kakaotalk messenger. They also stated, "The woman complains of a stomachache February 15, after 11 PM. This was not even one full day after the sexual intercourse so it is outrageous for her to act as though she was pregnant. The nature in her act is very apparent through her conversation."

Looking at the Kakaotalk messages, the woman complains of a stomachache at 11:57 PM on February 15, and begins to talk about pregnancy. When Park Shi Hoo's friend asked if they had sexual intercourse, she replies, "We were both naked.. don't act like you don't know. Is it because I'm still drunk? Maybe it's because I'm still not sober yet."
The conversation between the woman and her close friend was also revealed.

The woman's friend had said, "If I'm going to get money, it's going to be in hundred thousands..." The woman then says, "I have to think about what to do". The woman's friend adds, "Betting $1 million. This is big" and then, "Keep this conversation private. I'll protect you."

Park Shi Hoo and his entertainment company are suing the two women for multiple reasons and they are scheduled to be investigated sometime this week.

Park Shi Hoo's representative explained that the women were talking about either getting $1 million from Park Shi Hoo or ruining his career.

Source : kdramastars

[Exclusive] Park Si Hoo case: “A asks Park Si Hoo to use condom and to be responsible for her till she is 80 years old.”

In the case of Park Si Hoo (36) being accused of rape by an aspiring actress A (22), the younger actor K (24) who was present during the whole incident and who has also been accused of sexual molestation has given an exclusive interview.

K said: “Since Sihoo has been accused, I have talked with him, so I know a significant portion of the truth of the incident. A through certain channels made various claims, but Sihoo has only stated his position during the police investigation and has not said anything else.  Many people are looking at him through “colored” lenses [ED: biased], when they should reserve judgement.”

Q & A (A is K)

Q: On the night of February 14, the location of the meeting was changed to a bar in Cheongdam-dong.  Allegations are circulating that the change of venue was to get A drunk.

A: On the day of the incident, I offered to introduce A to my elder brother Sihoo.  It was February 14, Valentine’s Day, and there were many people in the original cafe, so we switched to that bar in Cheongdam-dong which has private rooms, so Sihoo would not be subject to other people’s curious glances.

Q: What happened inside the room?  Park Si Hoo is known for not being able to drink and you did not drink, so was A the only one who drank?

A: Park Si Hoo has never been able to drink much and I was not feeling well, so I did not drink. A was drinking and creating atmosphere and playing drinking games with Sihoo.  Sihoo could not hold his liquor and was half dozing; I even took some photos.  A drank a lot, but I did not drink.

Q: When the 3 of you left the bar, why did you not break up and instead go to Park Si Hoo’s apartment.  Planning a rape?

A: The atmosphere at the bar was very good.  We had wanted to go elsewhere to continue drinking, but it was already too late. A was a little drunk, so it was difficult to send her in a taxi to her home in Sangam-dong.  Sihoo’s apartment was only 5 minutes away by car, so we decided to go there for another round of drinks. I drove because I was not drinking alcohol, and Sihoo sat in the passenger seat to give directions.  A was in the backseat.

Q: When she left the bar, A could walk down the stairs just fine. But when she arrived at Park Si Hoo’s parking lot, she could not walk and had to be carried on your back.  Why?  It was only a 5-minute drive.

A: In regard to this, both Sihoo and I could not understand.  We were puzzled.

Q: What was the situation when the 3 of you went to Park Si Hoo’s apartment?  A claimed she was raped by Park Si Hoo while she was unconscious and you also molested her.

A: Originally we planned to continue drinking in Sihoo’s apartment.  But when she got  out of the car, A was already drunk.  A vomited in the elevator.  This was not caught on CCTV but the apartment security guards confirmed this fact. Some reports say I took off A’s clothes to wash off the vomit but this is not true.  Anyone who is drunk becomes at least half-conscious after vomiting. A was sober enough to go to the bathroom to wash up and then go to bed.

Q: So is it like the contents of Kakao Talk that it was cramped together in bed so you went into the living room.

A: I was used to joking with A.  I just wanted to put her at ease in Kakao Talk the next day.  The Kakao Talk is just word-for-word dialogue; they don’t mean much. At the bar the atmosphere was very good, so I just wanted to leave Sihoo and A alone, which was why I went into the living room.  It is not true that we were having sex as a threesome or that I sexually molested A.

Q: Then what really happened between Park Si Hoo and A in the room?

A: What happened between Sihoo and A in the room that day, only the two of them knew.  However, the case is simple.  If A was sober, she could refuse to have sexual intercourse with Sihoo.  If A was drunk and unconscious and Sihoo forcibly had sexual intercourse with her, then it was rape.  If force was used, there would be injurty on A’s body. But there was no injury on A’s body at all, so there was absolutely no rape.  A claimed she was raped while she was unconscious.  According to Sihoo, during sexual intercourse A was conscious and cooperated aggressively.  I will not say in what ways she was aggressive.  A also demanded that Sihoo wear a condom, so they had protected sex twice.  If A had been raped while drunk, she would not have such reaction.  About aggressive sexual intercourse, Sihoo has already mentioned this during the police investigation last time.

Q: You left Park Si Hoo’s home around noon on February 15 and A left at 2:40 p.m  What was the atmosphere like then?

A: It was cordial when the two of them parted.  Sihoo and A even exchanged cell phone numbers.  CCTV footage showed A was looking cheerful in the elevator, fiddling with her cell phone and touching her hair. If she had really been raped, would she have looked so calm?

Q: Park Si Hoo panicked for some time after being accused of sexual assault?

A: Sihoo was terribly upset to experience something like this for the first time.  Many people who cared about Sihoo wanted to help.  But there were too many speculations and the situation was getting out of control.

Q: One of the questions is the sudden change of lawyers — from the original law firm to PURME.  It is said the first law firm which was introduced by Park Si Hoo’s former management company quit because they knew they could not win.

A: Park Si Hoo switched to PURME because it was highly recommended by the people around him.  It was not because the first law firm was introduced by his former management company or because this first law firm quit.

Q: Why did Park Si Hoo apply for the case to be transferred to Gangnam Police Station? (ultimately rejected by Western Police Station.)  It has been said Park Si Hoo was hoping to receive favorable treatment from Gangnam Police Station.

A: Western Police Station scheduled Sihoo’s attendance for Feb. 24, but Sihoo was just changing to his new law firm PURME who needed time to familiarize themselves with the case and to investigate the incident.  Western Police Station in fact only mailed Attendance Notice to Sihoo once and only one.  Prior to that, they never called Sihoo directly by phone.  The police said they did not have Sihoo’s contact number, so they called Sihoo’s former management company to ask Sihoo to attend the investigation, and Sihoo only heard about it from his former management company.  It does not make sense for the police to contact Sihoo’s former management company representative Hwang.  Sihoo applied to transfer the police station on the advice of PURME.  A’s lawyer used to work at Western District Prosecutors’ Office with jurisdiction over the Western Police Station, and this fact caused some anxiety.

Q: Some reports say the Park Si Hoo side offered A 100 million won as settlement, but A refused because she wanted Park Si Hoo punished.  Is this true?

A: It is true. Both sides wanted to settle and 100 million was mentioned.. Some in the media say Sihoo is Goliath and A is David.  (Reference is to the bliblical story of the battle between David and the giant Goliath.)  However, in a case of sexual violence, the celebrity is actually David.  Because he has lost so much already, even if it turns out that he is innocent, he would still receive strong criticism in public opinion in such a case.  That was the situation Sihoo was in, so both sides were trying to work out a settlement.  As the media reported, A did not explicitly ask for a figure but she made unacceptable demands like “wanting to live in a foreign country” and “PSH must be responsible for her until she is 80 years old.” So they could not reach a consensus.  It is true Sihoo’s mother met with A’s father, but the media did not mention the above facts and just presented it like Sihoo’s mother was trying to solve everything with money.  It is deplorable that A should try to make things out to be like this.

Q: Some people who claim to be on Park Si Hoo’s side have been talking to the media.  Are what they have said true?

A: Not long ago, someone who claimed to be a close friend of Sihoo’s gave an interview to the media and said Sihoo had wanted to continue seeing A.  But Sihoo never said such a thing to anyone.  That is why even though I’ve been watching everything, I did not jump into the fray for fear of causing more confusion.

Reporter: We attempted to contact A’s lawyer Kim A several times but our calls were not returned.

Source : parksihoo4u ,

To B :
Hebergeur d'image
K : "If force was used, there would be injury on A’s body. But there was no injury on A’s body at all, so there was absolutely no rape."
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