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Hara & Junhyung no longer an item?

Recently, Hara and Junhyung had removed each other from their respective Following List on Twitter. The action caught the attention of many fans, who worried that this was an indicator that their relationship was in danger.

However, both Cube Entertainment and DSP Media spoke up about the incident and confirmed that the pair were still dating.

Cube Entertainment said, “We knew that they had unfollowed each other, but we don’t know exactly why. But it appears they’re still dating and are on good terms.”

DSP Media also confirmed, “We do not know the exact reason, but they probably have not broken up. It might have happened because of arguments that happen naturally in relationships.”

DSP Media also stated that they did not ask Hara about the matter because it is her own personal business.

source: akp

Though DSP and Cube have already denied breakup rumors, Junhyung‘s latest selca update on Twitter has refueled talk.

On March 15th, the B2ST member posted, “Laugh, man,” as well as the photo above to the same SNS that started speculation that he and KARA‘s Hara may have broken up. When fans noticed that the idol couple un-followed each other on Twitter, many assumed that the two were on the rocks or possibly separated.

Netizens are commenting that Junhyung’s photo and message hint that not all is okay with the idol. It’s hard to tell whether he’s laughing or trying to laugh in the black-and-white selca, but many are saying it’s most likely the latter.

Fans responded, “Smile brightly,” “I don’t know if you’re laughing or crying,” and “Is something wrong?”

Why do you think Hara and Junhyung un-followed each other on Twitter? Does this new update make you wonder about the couple’s relationship status?

Source: TV Report, TV Daily, Xsports News via Nate + akp + @Joker891219
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