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SHINee on Yoo Inna's Volume up 130314

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[Trans Note: SHINee were all very playful making jokes and laughing a lot. Enjoy it as such!]

# White Day Messages

DJ: wah~ you are really handsome!

DJ: Today’s White Day, you know it’s a day guys give candies to girls. You didn’t come in empty hands, did you?

Key: Ah, we didn’t even have enough time to eat.

JH: We prepared something sweeter than candies!

DJ: Really? Did you eat, by the way?

JH: We only had tteokbokki.

Ky: Candies are a luxury for us.

DJ: Then, I ask you to send a message to our audience instead of candies. “Lovey-dovey” messages are OK. Like from a boyfriend.

MH: I am thinking…can anyone do first?

DJ: Baby is OK, or jakiya.

MH: Volume jakiya, would you take my candies?

JH: Where are candies?

MH: yogi [=here]~ (in a cute voice)

ON: In a global way, baby~ this is for you, thank you.

TM: haha, giving candies, he is thankful!

ON: I’m thankful for your presence.

JH: Oh, good interpretation, TM: saying short.

Ky: Jakiya, there’s no white day in the U.S. How about following American style? Let’s just eat.

DJ: Who wouldn’t be happy if she has a chance to eat with Key? Good job.

JH: I’m not good at this kind of thing.

MH, TM: What! You are best at it!

JH: Jakiya, I don’t have candies, but take my ppoppo (kiss).

Everyone: ah~ so good!

DJ: He’s a pro.

DJ: Last, it’s Taemin’s turn. You should say Volume jakiya.

TM: Volume jakiya, I couldn’t prepare candies because I was too busy. I’ll buy you delicious food when I have time, sorry.

DJ: Ooh~ like to a real girlfriend!

# Man’s Passion

DJ: What time does the word passion bring to your mind?

ON: Minho comes to my mind rather than a certain time.

JH: Passion, shinee’s passion, flaming passion is Minho.

ON: His word for self-expression.

DJ: Are you full of passion?

MH: Yes, I’m full of passion for everything.

(talking about their trainee days)

Ky: Taemin looks more like baby now than before.

ON: Yes, Taemin looks younger now.

TM: please, tell me something good.

JH, Ky: That’s a good thing!

TM: I don’t know. [Tae-MAN ;) ]

DJ: I heard you’ve been on an elite course as trainees. Key-ssi, you were ranked high at monthly tests. And you came through 8000:1 in the audition, is this true?

Ky: It was a national tour audition, and only two got picked.

DJ: Jonghyun-ssi participated in sunbae Jang Li-in’s song only 6 months after you started training.

JH: I was lucky to be able to do it, but I cried after recording it because I thought I didn’t do well.

Ky: He practiced a lot, so I still remember the lyrics.

ON: Let’s sing it together.

(talking about how they tried to memorize the difficult Chinese lyrics)

(talking about shinee’s 3rd regular album)

JH: We feel through skin that our fans have been waiting for it, so we get energy from them.

ON: It’s frog style.

JH: What do you mean?

ON: Like a frog, you feel it through your skin. [Onew style joke ;) ]

# Dream Girl Album

DJ: I played Dream Girl a lot in my program. Why did you make this your title song?

ON: Uh…because it was a song I like a lot.

DJ: You must have a reason as shinee.

All: No, that was enough. We were like, let’s follow the leader. [all joining in onew’s joke ;) ]

(talking about Girls, Girls, Girls)

DJ: It’s a song about you giving Taemin advice on how to attract a girl.

TM: Onew hyung gave me a really good piece of advice.

ON: Just play the piano, that’s it.

DJ: Is that all based on your experiences?

JH: The writers wrote it based on each member’s image.

DJ: Onew “play the piano,” Jonghyun “make eye smile,” Key “dress well,” Minho “just being tall and handsome is all.”

ON: If you are not tall and handsome, then you should play the piano. [LOL]

DJ: You are all so handsome. Our staff were so happy when you entered our studio.

# Man’s Burdens

(talking about shinee’s reputation as being experimental)

Ky: My grandmother wants our songs to be more like Replay. She can even sing the climax. She likes Son Dambi’s “On Saturday Night.”

DJ: Isn’t the contemporary band concept burdensome?

Ky: There’s a concern. No new hairstyles left for me to try.

JH: How about shaving your hair?

Ky: Isn’t it too reckless?

TM: How about hair extensions?

Ky: Long hair like Yoo Inna noona?

ON: The Chinese pigtail style!

DJ: How do you wear for the airport?

Ky: I get to dress up since people see the pictures.

ON: Key-goon even prepares what to wear the night before, but I like casual style. So I just go.

JH: There was a funny incident. In a picture taken at the airport, Onew hyung was blurred because he was wearing comfy clothes and hooded.

MH: To think positively, the news reporter wanted to protect Onew hyung.

ON: Since then, I’m trying to pay more attention.

DJ: What was your response, Onew?

ON: I laughed out loud.

Ky: Not dressing up like others is hyung’s style.

DJ: Comfortable and tidy.

ON: No, I’m not tidy.

MH: Personally, hyung’s field jacket which he wore throughout the winter for two months…

JH: It was like a date with shine.

MH: I like it.

TM: It smells Onew hyung.

DJ: So you like comfortable and warm style.

ON: Yes comfortable and warm is best on plane.

Ky: It’s because of his age.

MH: I like tidy and dandy style for off-stage.

ON: I think he’ll be a good daddy. [dandyàdaddy: onew style joke ;) ]

DJ: I think Taemin likes cute style.

TM: I’m rather hybrid style. All mixed.

Ky: Because he’s always ready to receive knowledge.

TM: I always make a try in a contemporary way.

DJ: I think Taemin laughs like that even when he wakes up. Is it so? Is he chatty and cheerful?

JH: No, he’s not.

ON: Taemin sometimes concentrate on one outfit. He wears the same outfit every day.

TM: If I fall for one thing, I can’t get out of it.

Ky: Once you match clothes, you are like, this is so good?

TM: I put all my essentials, cell-phone, wallet, in one pocket, and it’s bothersome to move them.

JH: Like it’s bothersome to move your bag.

MH: Like Jonghyun hyung.

JH: Me? Ah, so I threw it out.

Ky: It was all worn out.

TM: Recently, Onew hyung and I stayed in the same hotel room. Suddenly he threw his bag away.

Ky: He used it so long, it smelled!

JH: It smelled of leather, long-used leather. He used to boast of the leather bag. We were all sorry that it was discarded abroad.

ON: After throwing it away, it weighed on my heart. I thought about asking them to look for it.

(Onew singing his bread song)

# Man’s Leisure

JH: We see each other every day, so we don’t spend time together on holidays.

ON: It’s extreme. I sometimes sleep, or have time on my own.

DJ: Do you drink alcohol together?

JH: Yes, we sometimes do in a hotel room abroad since Taemin has come of age.

DJ: You said you dropped your cell phone to have it cracked after you drank alcohol.

JH: Ah, it was when I did with my friends. I don’t know, I was holding it, and it just slipped out of my hand.

ON: It has feet.

DJ: (laughing) You play like this when you are together, right?

Ky: Our voices get hoarse when we get off our car.

JH: When our staff go in the same car with us about for 3 hours, they complain that we are too noisy.

DJ: It will be really fun if you watch a soccer or baseball game together.

ON: Only Minho-goon likes it.

Ky: Isn’t it strange we don’t like that stuff?

JH: It might be good. If we all liked it, we would have stayed up late and ordered chicken to have with beer.

Ky: Our common interest is entertainment and news.

MH: I wish our members would…in early morning together.

Ky: Enough.

JH: When we have a schedule next day, Minho-goon wants to watch a soccer game at night.

# When are you looking forward to?

TM: When I’m 25 or 26?

ON: That’s my age.

TM: I think the middle of 20s is a blooming time.

ON: It is not. (everyone laughing)

TM: I think that’s when you start looking wonderful.

JH: Man’s start time is middle age. Men become true men when they have a family.

DJ: When do you look forward to?

JH: When I’m 35. I think I’ll be married by then.

DJ: You have that dream.

JH: Yes, I do.

ON: Do you want a boy or girl?

TM: Who do you want to marry?

JH: I’ll marry a woman.

ON: That’s unexpected!

Ky: By that time, you may have freedom of choice.

JH: You all know.

Ky: That’s why it’s unexpected.

DJ: What about you, Minh-ssi?

MH: When I’m 30. I’m curious what I’d think and how I’d feel at that time. Even though I’ll be doing the same thing, I think I’ll feel differently.

DJ: You will get better as an actor.

MH: I hope so.

Ky: Don’t grow beard. I won’t see you!

DJ: Does it grow? How can you shave so clean? I think Key-ssi doesn’t have beard.

JH: No, lots of beard he has. He has to get up one hour earlier than us.

Ky: When we make a music video and stays up all night, then I find my beard longer.

DJ: Is it black? (laughing) because your face is so white.

ON: Sometimes it grows blue.

Ky: I dye it so much, so it grows blonde now.

JH: He took good care of the blue mark after shaving and got rid of it.

ON: I look forward to next year. Don’t you look forward to a near future than a far one? Like when we continue our activities, where we will be next year.

DJ: Do you have any specific plan for next year?

ON: Nope.

MH: I want Onew hyung not to drink alcohol alone next year.

DJ: Oh do you drink alcohol alone?

MH: I felt sorry when I heard that.

Ky: No, it’s just your point of view. Sometimes I feel good when I drink alcohol alone.

MH: But it wasn’t like that. When I asked, what did you do yesterday, he said, I drank alcohol. With whom? Just by myself.

Ky: That’s what those who enjoy solitude do.

DJ: Where did you do that?

ON: Throwing darts.

MH: At a bar.

JH: Pub (Key laughing loud)

Ky: It’s strange.

ON, TM: It’s not.

MH: So I plan to be his companion.

DJ: Then he should watch a soccer game with you?

MH: No, I’ll throw darts with him.

Key: I look forward to our 10th anniversary. I can’t imagine it. 5 years left, but it will be soon.

DJ: Even in your 10th anniversary, you are still young.

JH: Taemin will be 26, Onew hyung’s age.

TM: Ah, I’ll be old.

MH: Jonghyun hyung will be 29, I 28, Key 28.

ON: I’ll be 30.

DJ: In 5 years, you will be still younger than I am now. Aren’t you happy?

Ky: You look very young.

TM: You are not 40, are you?

DJ: Taemin-ssi!!!

Translation by: Jujugal
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