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Tiger JK: “There Was a Strange Kind of Prejudice in France”

Tiger JK recently commented on his interesting experiences while performing at a festival in France! Tiger JK recently appeared at the March 18 broadcast of YTN’s “News 12 – Issue and People.” MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy) performed at the “K-Pop Night Out at MIDEM 2013” on January 27 in France.

Tiger JK stated, “The world music festival was held at the same place as the Cannes International Film Festival. We (MFBTY) were chosen to represent South Korea. Although we were very nervous, it ended well. It was neat because afterwards we became more well-known.”

He continued, “ There was a weird kind of discrimination. It was not really racial discrimination but there was a lot of prejudice about Asians. It was hard for us to pursue our activities. Although we went to represent South Korea, they treated Asians as if they were invisible. We had no presence and we had no expectations because of that.”

He continued, “It was our stage and we even took our own press. However, they did not think of us as artists. There was a happening where we could not even get into our own performance. In the end we did get on stage, and it was a historic moment where for the first time as an Asian a lot of people danced and sung together.”
Tiger JK ended with, “After the performance, we were walking on the street and people recognized us, it felt great. After our performance, a lot of people liked us more.”

source: soompi

should I add the cultural insensitivity/racism tag?
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