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2YOON to Kick Off Asia Promotional Tour Prior to 4minute’s Comeback

2YOON is the first sub-unit to conduct overseas promotional activities.

4minute’s vocal line consisting of members Jeon Jiyoon and Heo Gayoon will embark on a South East Asia promotional tour starting off with Thailand.

On March 20, 2YOON will fly to Thailand for a 3 nights and 4 days trip during which they will appear on variety shows, an award show and will perform on music programs. They will also be interviewed by the local medias.

2YOON becomes the first K-pop sub-unit to officially promote in Thailand.

4minute and 2YOON are known for being quite popular in Thailand and South East Asia with unprecedented attention received from the locals. 2YOON especially received the most love calls after wrapping up their Korean promotions.

A representative from 2YOON told ENews over the phone, “This time around we plan to actively promote on field. Jeon Jiyoon and Heo Gayoon are currently busy preparing for 4minute’s comeback. Even though their respective schedules are tighly packed, they believe that being able to feel their overseas fans’ love will be of help to them while getting ready for their comeback.”

He went on, “We plan to hold a tour of Asia’s countries starting with Thailand and Singapore.”

Additionally, in paralell with 2YOON’s promotional activities in Asia, 4minute is scheduled to return in April, killing two birds with one stone.

Last January, 2YOON released “24/7″ a country-pop number from their debut mini album “Harvest Moon.” The duo earned many praises for their unique concept not only at home but also from foreign medias Spin and TIME.

now that girl's day has gone off the deep end... i'm so excited to have something guaranteed to be amazing to look forward to. 4minute fighting!

SOURCES | 4MF-Trans | enews24
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