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U-Kiss agency NH Media merges with MAJOR Entertainment

U-KISS’s agency merges with actor management agency to become ‘NH&MAJOR1998′

It seeming like there’s even bigger and better things in store for U-KISS‘s future as their agency NH Media has merged with actor management agency MAJOR Entertainment to form a new company NH&MAJOR1998.

NH Media confirmed, “Since the establishment of our company, our business mainly focused around record production, and through the merger with MAJOR Entertainment, we plan to become a multi-dimensional entertainment agency pursuing not only music, but actors’ management, drama, films, and various fields. Through the framework of our know-hows that we’ve gathered from our respective fields, we anticipate a harmonious synergy effect in all fields. Please anticipate it.”

Seeing that as U-KISS is now under a company with experience in various fields, perhaps we’ll be seeing more acting opportunities come their way?

Sources: allkpop image: Sports Chosun via Nate

It does seem with all the recent and future shows U-Kiss were/are going to be on, that this merger is a good thing. I mean, maybe this is why members are going to br on Immortal Song!
Does anyone know who was under MAJOR Entertainment?
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