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U-Kiss Teen Top and Infinite Google+ Hangout Contests

U-KISS, TEEN TOP And INFINITE Open Google+ Global Fan Communities

Fans around the world, this is your chance to get close to your favorite idols!

Google+ has teamed up with U-KISS, TEEN TOP and INFINITE to create special Global Fan Communities for the groups and their fans! Through these communities you can share pictures and videos with other fans, while also sharing news on the group! U-KISS, TEEN TOP and INFINITE will also be choosing some of the most active fans to join them in a special Hang Out event through Google+.

KissMes in America can join here, European KissMes can join here and KissMes that call Asia home can join here.

If you would like to join TEEN TOP’s Fan Community, you can do so here.

Finally, INSPIRITS from Korea, other parts of Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Oceania please click on your respective locations to go to your specific Fan Communities.

Once you have joined, make a post using the hashtag #biggest_______fan (insert Ukiss, TeenTop or Infinite in that blank!) and attach a photo of you with the merchandise you have that pertains to that particular group. In the same post, write your name, nationality and why you love that group!

In mid-April, the biggest fans for each group will be announced. Good luck!


Teen Top


Sources: 24-7 KPOP ukiss2008 TeenzOnTop infinitehome

Google is really reacting out now. Using Kpop is an interesting marketing strategy I guess.
Good job Woolim for have communites for fans everywhere! Every Continent is represented. Does that mean good things if there ever was a world tour? lol Maybe.
I guess I need to be more active on my account now. lol I only created it to have a single hangout with my friend about Junsu's MV last summer.
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