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How does Gyuri handle disrespectful hoobae girl groups?

Gyuri revealed how she handled disrepectful hoobae girl groups.

She was a guest on the March 19 episode of ‘Incarnation‘, where she talked about how to leave a lasting impression for a first meeting. She explained, “While I was a radio DJ, a rookie girl group came on the show as guests. Usually, rookies work really hard and they’re filled with motivation, and we have a really happy mood. When that happens, us DJs also want to do something for them and work really hard. But the people who came out that day were not only doing things half-heartedly, they were extremely rude.

She said, “When I ask questions, even the sunbaes don’t act in such a manner, but they said, ‘Ah, I don’t know’. I thought to myself, ‘Huh? What is this? This isn’t right’. If the broadcast goes well, then it would’ve been a big help to them too.” At this point, MCs Shin Dong Yup and Yoon Jong Shin tried to figure out who the girl group was, guessing if there were 4 or more members, but like a veteran Gyuri avoided the question expertly.

She continued, “During the break, I asked who was their leader as politely and nicely as possible. I then asked how old she was, and I found out she was younger. So I thought to myself, ‘All right’. But since it was break time, my manager oppa was right next to me. So I turned to him and acted really cold.”

Gyuri revealed, “I acted like I was mad, and that I took it out on my manager oppa. So the mood sort of fell down. I kept getting mad at my manager oppa and right before coming back for broadcast I said, ‘Let’s continue’, and everyone was frozen in their seats. After seeing this, they became very diligent.“

source: akp

netizens are saying the girl group could be T-ARA (welp), Dal Shabet or even Nine Muses.
Omona, what's your choice?
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