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Dancer of the Night

TaeMan gone wild: SHINee’s Taemin Gets Tipsy Off of Wine

SHINee’s youngest, legal of age, became tipsy in front of the camera.

taebb drinking

On March 19’s broadcast of MBC Music’s SHINee’s One Fine Day, SHINee’s Taemin decided to explore the streets of Bern in Switzerland, after his sky diving plans were canceled due to snow fall.

In the bustling streets of Bern as snow fell from the sky, Taemin was recommended by the wine shop owner to keep warm by drinking wine. Taemin chose gluhwein, or mulled wine and found it to his liking.

taebb tipsy

However, as time passed the wine caught up to Taemin, causing him to become a bit tipsy. As he returned to his hotel, he collapsed on his bed, unwilling to move. It’s said that he even skipped out on his journal, which he writes every day.

The episode will air on March 19.

Link to full episode: Wonderful Day Ep 6 (Raw)

Sources: Enewsworld, Evistar84, yanglinxoxo

This is too adorable. Either he's exagerating, had more to drunk then what was shown or is a true lightweight, lol.
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