Wendy (rikayla) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Younha reveals "It's Not That" MV teaser

Younha is preparing to release a new single in just a few days. Prior to its release, however, the music video teaser has been released on March 20th.

A soft piano plays from a radio as Younha somberly sitting at a wooden table in the dark. The soft vocals of Younha and Brown Eyed Soul's Naul are then heard, creating a beautiful melody.

Younha and Naul have collaborated on the track "It's Not That," and is slated to release the single on March 22nd.

Are you looking forward to their collaboration single?

Source: CJENMMUSIC, Koreaboo

Her last album was in my Top 3 favourite K-Pop albums of the year, and she's an absolute angel in person, so I'm excited! (Plus, I like her hair in this.)
Tags: music, teaser, younha

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