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MBLAQ on TV, on the road, and in Japan (with IRIS 2 song and teaser for Japanese "Cry")


Seungho and Mir on Immortal Song 2

[4 cute subbed clips of Seungho and 2 performances]Seungho is super nervous about performing on Immortal Song 2

Seungho combines two of his favorite things: eating and doing flips

Seungho sings part of a children song that he wrote when he was a child

Seungho uses dancing to run away from other IS2 performers

Seungho and Mir perform "Man bothers woman" on Immortal Song 2 (previously posted)

Seungho, Mir, and SISTAR Soyu perform "You Like Me I Like You" on Immortal Song 2 (new)

Seungho on 1000 Song Challenge

[Seungho on the show with 2AM's Changmin]Seungho on 1000 Song Challenge with 2AM's Changmin

on dailymotion so obvi it won't embed. Seungho didn't do THAT MUCH anyway.

Seungho on Dancing with the Stars

[2 subbed clips with Seungho and 1 pretty pic]episode 1: intro! 3 minute subbed cut on dailymotion with all the boys

episode 2: performance! 7 minute subbed cut on dailymotion


Seungho on All the KPOP

[full subbed episode with Seungho, VIXX N & Ken, Two X Eunyoung, and others]Seungho on All the KPOP with VIXX N & Ken, Two X Eunyoung, and some other people

Mir on Saturday Night Magic Concert

[1 two minute subbed clip]Mir on Saturday Night Magic Concert doing magic tricks with some other people. I've never heard of this show before.

on dailymotion also... only about two minutes long tho


Joon for Kwave magazine in what is clearly a shoot inspired by IRIS 2

[then again, he wields a gun plenty of MVs]sample_mg_8780








Thunder on the set of Nail Salon Paris with KARA Gyuri and others

[about a billion bts and pics taken while filming]They're always eating! I wonder if it's like The Hills.

I also don't understand why he doesn't wear the uniform? So he is some sort of receptionist or boss? Or a rich kid just hanging around. Too many questions. I like the hair and suspenders so I won't complain, yet.







G.O and Mir release Avengers-produced song "I'm like a fool" for IRIS 2 OST

[MV featuring scenes from IRIS 2]


Park Siblings continue to be cute

[Dara on twitter]capture-20130316-131231


Thai A+ leave the OP dying of lols when they send a note to their future sister-in-law

[Dara on twitter]untitled43

translation: “Dara Unnie, we love your brother”

Mir's gf posts a selca... sort of

[Mir on twitter]mirtwi

translation: My girlfriend kept trying to take my picture. I told her not to but she eventually did.. Sigh..I heard this is popular lately..ㅡㅡ?

MBLAQ at Incheon Airport en route to Thailand

[1 short clip and a few pics at the airport]

There are a million more pictures, but ik who gets you into my MBLAQ posts, so go look if you are curious.

Seungho and Joon look adorable in basically every single one.

Thunder's shoes are atrocious, I can't believe he was allowed out of the house in those things, especially as he is not yet remotely considered an "ahjussi".



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Audio teaser for Japanese version of "Cry", OP's favorite MBLAQ song

[soundcloud embed]

Joon and Thunder win at the cover of Japanese magazine haru hana

[pic of the cover]haruhana

Immortal Song 2 (anxiety - leaderssong, eating while flipping - leaderssong, children's song - leaderssong, running away - leaderssong, IS2 performance - leaderssong, IS2 perf with Soyu - J Kim)
1000 song challenge - leaderssong
dancing with the stars - blaqrain, leaderssong, pic from absolutemblaq
all the kpop - soomiyesha 1 2 3
saturday night magic concert - mblaq1015a
joon for kwave - kwavemag via absolutemblaq
nail salon paris - (mylove9372 via absolutemblaq, seumwith on naver, lepre on naver [i'm having major issues trying to find the post in the first link O.O])
iris 2 ost - CJENMMUSIC
dara on twitter - @krungy21 1 2, translation via absolutemblaq
mir on twitter - @bangmir translation via bex on absolutemblaq
incheon airport - SSTVnews, pics credited with watermark via absolutemblaq
japanese magazine - absolutemblaq
cry teaser - mblaq's official japanese website, markthatcoin on soundcloud
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