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ZE:A5 video teaser for "The Day We Broke Up"

Even if you (JUST LIKE ME!) have never been interested in or impressed by ZE:A, this subgroup is very worth clicking play.

A mini album will be released on Monday and they debut on the music shows next week.

(They're holding a concert on Sunday that will be available to stream online.)

left to right: Minwoo, Dongjun, Kevin, Siwan, Hyungsik (you might recognize one or two of them from tv)

01. Missing You [INTRO]
02. The Day We Broke Up (헤어지던 날) [TITLE SONG]
03. Fiancée (피앙세)
04. Beautiful Girl (아리따운 걸)
05. Mistake
06. Change Up
07. The Day We Broke Up (헤어지던 날) (Instrumental)
08. Beautiful Girl (아리따운 걸) (Instrumental)

Listen to three tracks from the Japanese mini ZE:A5 released earlier this year.

She's Gone (on Japanese mini "The Classic")

Lovely Day (lyrics by Kevin from The Romantic & Idol 2, and he's Australian!, on Japanese mini "The Classic")

Beautiful Ma Girl (Japanese version of a ZE:A song, on Japanese mini "The Classic")

Sources: ZEA2011 teaser on yt, ZEA2011 She's Gone on yt, BubbleFeetMusicJP01 on yt for Japanese mini tracks, @ZEA_9 on twitter (1 2 3), nate via koreaboo for album track names, allkpop for concert details
Tags: concert, debut, teaser, ze:a

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