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I know it's late.... But her updates are worth spazzing for because they are so rare to be seen online/owning a public account on social networking sites...

snsd taeyeon instagram (3)

자유롭고싶지만 자유롭지 못하다는걸 다시한번 깨닫는다
Translation: "I want to be free, but once again, I realize that I cannot be free."

nice weather :)

인사가늦었죠 자필로 직접쓰려다가 이게 더깔끔해서; 저 태연이맞아요^^ 내일 사이타마공연도 잘할게요♥ let's go soshi let's go!!
Translation: "It's a late greeting, right? While I was writing this message with my own handwriting I thought posting in this way would be neater; I'm Taeyeon, that's right^^ I'll do well for Saitama concert tomorrow too❤ let's go soshi let's go!!"

Picture translation:
"Everyone! Taeyeon who's in Japan here~
I have always been looking for ways to connect with everyone, I always want to share happy and joyful news with you!
Although I have made use of homepage and UFO in the past... I feel.. there is some kind of emptiness?
(Because I have many trivial things to share with you all)
If I post things on homepage alone... It's not the thing I want ㅜ
UFOtown is somewhere I'm only in a position to receive your questions, 'I wish that I could have chance to ask you guys questions too...' that's how I thought^^
I know exactly what you guys are worried about now.
You don't want me and the people beside me to be hurt..
But the reason I started Instagram is that I want to get closer to you guys!
The time I stay overseas have increased,
So much that SONE have been expanding globally.
I wish to share more trivial, interesting things.. this and that.
I will also upload photos one-way like everyone!
It's similar to homepage. But the theme is just Taeyeon.
Upon saying all these, it doesn't mean that I'm not going to use homepage or UFOtown,
so people who wish to ask questions personally, use UFO >_<
Come to play often sone :)"

투어를 위해 혼자서 메이크업을해요~ 재밌잖아요 :) 예쁘게해야지! see u soon♥
Translation: "I do my own makeup for the tour~ because it's fun :) i'm going to do it prettily! see u soon ♥".

I'm home :) 내일은 좀 더 힘있는 양말을 신어야지...하
Translation: "I'm home :) I'm going to wear socks that have a bit more strength in them tomorrow..."

今日、Girls' Generation best selection non stop mix をリリースしました! Mixed by Taku Takahashi. from m-flo! たくさん- どもありがとぅございます :)
Translation: "Today, Girls' Generation Best Selection Non-stop Mix is released! Mixed by Taku Takahashi, from m-flo! Taku-san, Thank you very much :)".

Self jellnail :D 色がかわいい !
Translation: "Self jellnail :D Cute color!"
T/N: which she then later corrected by commenting, "It's jelly nails -_-" ~

Beautiful night in japan^^ Goodnight s♡ne

Account name: TAEYEON_SS
Translation credit:

Note: According to enewsworld, a SM representative confirmed it is indeed Taeyeon's account. You can read it here.

Source: guess who's instagram, enews
Tags: guess who

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