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B insists she was tricked by A via E-news World

[Exclusive Interview] ′B′, Friend of Accuser ′A′ in Park Si Hoo Case, Says She was Tricked by ′A′

′B′, the friend and senior close to the accuser ′A′ of the Park Si Hoo rape case, opened up to enews on March 14 about why she had gotten involved in the case in the first place.

′B′ is known as a figure who has often spoken to the press on the case.
She said, "Like the Kakao Talk messages released to the public show, A told me she had been raped by Park Si Hoo, and I tried to help her with all my heart because I had been involved in a similar affair before. I told her to sue the star because I believed she was the victim; I did not plot a scheme with her in any way."

She then added, "A said she had fought with [Park Si Hoo′s] junior ′K′ on Kakao Talk, but when I read the conversation released to the press later on I found it was a completely different situation. She said she had put on her clothes and escaped as soon as she learned she had been raped, but I also found out that she had stayed at Park Si Hoo′s home until 3:00 p.m. that day and even said her goodbyes. I was tricked by A when I tried to sincerely help her, and I′ve been put in trouble because of the misunderstanding that I plotted this incident with A against Park Si Hoo."

How did you come to get involved in this case? It seems odd to see someone not directly involved in the case being so enthusiastic.

"I′ve known A for about six months, and we were so close we confided everything to each other. She suddenly told me on the afternoon of March 15 that she had been raped, and I tried to help her because I had been involved in a similar case. I think A contacted me because she knew this too. I know how such incidents hurt women, and I gave her sincere advice on what to do."

You′ve suddenly come forth to say you′ve been used by A; this will actually confuse more people.

"I tried to help her because she said at first that she thought she had been raped. I learned later, however, that what she told me about the case and what actually happened was completely different. I was tricked by A′s two-faced acts. She used me to make me look weird, and now I′ve been sued by Park Si Hoo also. I′m trying to make this become more known because if I keep quiet, I believe Mr. Park Si Hoo and I will get into more trouble."

Why do you believe A tricked you and lied to you?

"At first she said as soon as she opened her eyes she knew she had been raped and had run from the house with her clothes on. Actually, however, she had stayed until 3 p.m., and even said goodbye to Park Si Hoo, exchanged numbers and left on a bright note.

Second, she said she had fought with K over Kakao Talk. If you look at the Kakao Talk messages released to the press, however, you can see that the mood is pretty bright. They talk about going to a club, for example. Like this, what she told me and how she actually acted turned out to be really different.

The third is that this girl, who said she was raped, said such things like ′OO (a person) tastes bad′ and ′he only calls me when he wants to have sex′ without any reservations. I couldn′t help but question her. I began to think that she might not have been telling the truth.

I was surprised to see also that someone who had been harmed sexually was acting so calmly on Kakao Story and Facebook. She said that she was meeting a man she had gotten to know through Facebook after the incident; I couldn′t believe she had been a victim of rape."

B: "H is going to release an article, showing both you and Park Si Hoo in a bad light."
A: "What? -_-"
A: "He′s crazy. Why"
A: "For real?"
B: "From how I see it, yes^^ That′s why I tried to release an article first before them for you."

Some are saying you′re the one who′s playing the media.

"The reason I answered interviews with a few media outlets was because agency rep ′H′ said that articles that put A and Park Si Hoo in a bad light were going to be released. At the time, I believed in A, so I looked for an outlet that would be on our side through an acquaintance. Later on I told A about this, and told her I believe we should release the articles saying she had been raped first. The articles that were first released about the case, however, weren′t released by me, and after talking in an interview supporting A, I became disappointed in A′s actions and held another interview to set things right."

In a Kakao Talk conversation B held with A on February 17, a day before the news broke, at 4:38 p.m., B is shown to have said, "H will release an article tomorrow that will show both you and Park Si Hoo in a bad light."

On March 18 9 p.m. a certain media outlet then first reported on the case with the title ′Park Si Hoo is sued for rape...Accuser is an aspiring celebrity′.

It seems you met with Park Si Hoo′s lawyer after you were sued by Park Si Hoo.

"I had found out what kind of person A is, and I thought Park Si Hoo needed to know about this. I was sorry toward Park Si Hoo, because I thought I had stepped forth to harm him when I didn′t even know about A that well. I wrote down everything in a statement, about what I talked about with A and how I had been used by agency rep H and CEO ′C′. I then gave it to Park Si Hoo′s lawyer. I′m in pain, and I want to die when I think of how messed up things have become. I′m regretting everything, but I do want to make it clear that I′m a victim also."

Photo credit: enews DB
Cr : E-news World
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