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Two Managers Indicted for Threatening Actor Engaging in Homosexual Acts

A manager who threatened his actor with videos he took of the actor engaging in homosexual acts was indicted by prosecution.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors′ Office revealed on March 20 that it had booked manager Mr. Gu, as well as another manager Mr. Baek, for blackmailing an actor into paying 4 million won using the videos.

The managers were in charge of guarding the actor and driving him around, and so lived with the actor at his home. When the actor continued to engage in sexual contact with Baek, the two purchased a pen camera through the internet and filmed the actor while he was engaging in homosexual acts in August 2010.

The two then sent a CD containing the videos to the actor′s parents, saying that they would turn over the original files in exchange for 500 million won.

Following the threat, the actor sent Gu 4 million won, but they did not stop and continued to threaten him, sending over 45 text messages.

source: enewsworld

Two managers who tried to blackmail a top star for participating in homosexual activity have been indicted by the prosecutors.

According to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, ”Mr. Gu” and “Mr. Baek” blackmailed actor “Mr. Park” (44) for 4 million KRW (approximately $3,600 USD) after filming his homosexual acts. Mr. Gu has been imprisoned as he is currently being investigated, and Mr. Baek is being actively investigated without imprisonment.

There are videos of Mr. Park and Mr. Baek kissing included, which Mr. Baek and Mr. Gu discretely took footage of with a ballpoint pen camera that they bought together online.

Mr. Gu sent the CDs containing the footage to Mr. Park’s parents, and demanded 500 million KRW (approximately $450,000 USD). Mr. Park gave 4 million KRW at the initial demands, but they continued to blackmail him. Mr. Park then reported them to the police after receiving 45 blackmailing text messages.

Source: SBS E! via Nate + akp
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