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SM Entertainment's public apology for Onew’s middle finger.

From AllKpop:
SM Entertainment responds to criticisms against Onew giving the middle finger

With the heated attention of netizens on SHINee‘s Onew after seeing the idol giving the middle finger during a radio broadcast, SM Entertainment has responded to the criticisms.

As mentioned before, on the March 18th broadcast of ‘Younha’s Starry Night‘, the SHINee members featured as guests, and during the introduction segment, Onew’s hand was spotted on the screen during the filming of the radio program. This led many to express their disappointment and question why the idol had given the middle finger when cameras were rolling.

Although it turns out Onew and his members were just playing around before they officially started their talk segments on the radio program when the hand gesture came about, SM Entertainment didn’t make any excuses and simply commented, “Whatever the reason is, it was the wrong thing to do. Onew is self-reflecting. He will be more careful in the future.”

SM entertainment makes a public apology for Onew’s behavior

SM Entertainment, the agency representing the boy group SHINee, made an official apology on March 19 for the group leader’s bad behavior. He was caught giving the finger to someone. The agency explained, “Onew did that unwittingly while playing around with the other group members as they waited to appear on a radio program. It was not his intention to offend others, but he is now deeply regretting his mistake and will be more careful so as not to let something like that happen again.”

Onew appeared with other members in MBC Radio’s Star Shining Night, which is broadcast over the Internet. Right after the program, people put comments on the program site saying, “Onew showed his middle finger.”


Tho I (and a lot of people) don't think the middle finger is a big deal at all, I can understand that being really bad for his image in the industry he's in. Just hope this will be forgotten soon.

Sources: AllKpop (DongA, Sports Seoul, Newsen), (Starnews).
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