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give it to me raw

KARA's Gyuri does things that you do, but is somehow still better than you.

Gyuri revealed that she has quite an appetite! Although she probably has to watch what she eats a little more so now that she is an idol, she didn’t let anything stop her before her debut, and left the hosts and guests of 'Incarnation' quite awed.

On the 19th’s episode, KARA's resident 'goddess' revealed, "Before I debuted, I went to places that would give you one extra pizza if you ordered one. When two pizzas came, I ate it all. If I felt I was full, I would maybe leave 1-3 slices and ate the rest."

She also revealed a story in which she and her friends, who also happened to have big appetites, stunned their male friends with the amount of food they could eat. Gyuri said, "Once, I went to a restaurant with my friends, and we ate meat, udon, starch noodles, rice cakes, and sweet potatoes. The guys said they were full, but my girlfriends and I added on even more rice and cheese."

She continued, "After that, we went to the cafe and ate cakes, brownies, macchiatos, and shaved ice."

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