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Big Bang′s G-Dragon′s Album is 70-80 Percent Done


G-Dragon showed his characteristic confidence while talking about his upcoming album.
The singer spoke at the rehearsal and press conference held for his world tour concert 2013 G-Dragon World Tour: One of a Kind.

When asked about his upcoming album, G-Dragon hesitated at first, saying, "My boss told me not to say anything..." but then he added, "Preparations are going well. I′m about 70 percent or 80 percent done. I′ve worked on the album since last year. The release kept getting postponed because I kept making additions. The concert is even better than last time, and I′ll make the album more high quality also through the tour."

Travis Payne, the famed choreographer and director who was also present, then praised G-Dragon for his talent, modesty and passion.

G Dragon′s 2013 G-Dragon World Tour: One of a Kind will take place from March 30-31 in Seoul. The concerts are his first solo concerts since 2009.
Travis Payne was previously in charge of the choreography and stage directing of the late Michael Jackson′s This is It tour.

Not bad for something that was supposed to be released in march. 10 days left... You can do it

Source: Enewsworld
Reach reporter Park HyunMin on Twitter @happygato!
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