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Joo Won signs on with clothing brand ‘Edwin’ for 2 more years

Rising star Joo Won is gaining more traction as an endorsement model.

The actor’s label revealed, “In 2012, Joo Won signed as the model for the clothing brand Edwin. He’s signed on for 2 more years.”

It’s uncommon for a celebrity to be a model for the same brand for 3 years because stardom can be unstable. However, Joo Won has been proving his steady popularity ever since ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘, making a hit out of every drama he’s starred in since then.

The CF staff commented, “Joo Won is comfortable like a next-door oppa or a dongseng, but he is good looking, has vocal abilities he proved as a musical actor, and he can even act sincerely. He lacks nothing. He’s also very trustworthy, which is his biggest strength as a CF model.”

Joo Won is currently starring in the drama ’7th Grade Civil Servant‘ as well as the variety show ‘1 Night 2 Days‘.

I reduced the size of the pictures and it shows in the "visual editor" but not in the Preview.. Sorry if it doesn't work.

I love his Edwin shoots :)
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