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~BTOB first anniversary mega post~


It's been year since this bunch of crazy weirdos debuted!
Let's celebrate with a mega post~

Peniel tweets about anniversary

와~~~데뷔한지 1년이됐다!!! 우리 축하해! ㅋㅋㅋ >_< 지금까지 응원하고 사랑해주신분들 너무너무 고마워요!!! 앞으로도 열심히할테니깐도… 많이~~~가대해주세요! 오케이? (; 진짜 너무 고마워요!!!!~프니엘~ #365DaysWithBTOB
[TRANS] Woo!! 1 year since our debut! Wow… Congrats us! :) haha :P shout outs to everyone that has supported us up until now! We promise to keep working hard so expect a lot alright? ;) thank you guys so much!! :D~Peniel~ #365DaysWithBTOB

source: Peniel & translated by him

Peniel's dad revealed that Peniel is going to replace DMTN Daniel as Pops in Seoul host

Peniel will be host for Pops In Seoul from next week.
He will start the first recording next Monday!
Day: Monday-Thursday
Time: 8.30AM (KST)

source: Peniel dad

Kiyomi photoshoot for Haru Hana

source: fyeahborntobeat

Pics for Monstar, Mnet music drama
blue hair whyyyyyyyyy

source: fyeahborntobeat 1, 2

BTOB’s Minhyuk bends into a yoga move on ‘Reckless Family 2′
Fans were previously able to witness BTOB Minhyuk‘s amazing acrobatic skills during the ‘2013 Idol Athletic Championship‘, and they caught Minhyuk in action once again on ‘Reckless Family 2‘.

During the latest episode of MBC Every1‘s ‘Reckless Family 2′, Minhyuk, miss A‘s Min, and comedian Kwak Hyun Hwa showed off their various laugh-out-loud talents. Minhyuk, who revealed his hobby to be acrobatics, went on to show off his supernatural strength by parodying a famous scene from the hit film ‘Old Boy‘ in which a character (played by So Ji Sub) lifts his whole body up backwards.

Min and Kwak Hyun Hwa’s jaws dropped when they saw Minhyuk’s hidden talent. They both responded, “That is really impressive.

What do you think of Minhyuk’s yoga move?

source: allkpop

Sungjae’s randomness, Conversation with Ilhoon
What the, Why??? …Ilhoon

SungJae: Have strength
SungJae: Hyung can do this any day ke
SungJae: Together with me
IlHoon: Oh really keke Fighting
SungJae: Hyung now take a screenshot and upload this to twitter.
SungJae: keke


Sungjae tweeted later on:
(성재) 막라의 우애♥ 근데 캡쳐해서올리라한거까지 올리면어떠케ㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋ
(SungJae) Maknae line’s brotherly love
But by taking a screenshot and uploading it onto twitter what should I do ke k ke ke ke

source: Ilhoon & translated by fyeahborntobeat; Sungjae and translated by fyeahborntobeat

BTOB choreographer posts old selcas with Ilhoon and Peniel
he's fine~~ he replaced ilhoon in insane perf when he got injured, and he was on btob diary once too
source: choreographer's twitter 1, 2

민혁형아랑~~~~~~~~ #bobo
With MinHyuk Hyung~~~~~~~~ #bobo


으아앋아앙오어우아아아아앙아아오아 비투비파이팅이아오오유아ㅣ이이웡 ~mh~
Woahdanwoahhdangwoahahahdangwoahah BTOB Fighting yeahhhh ohhh ~mh~


진짜 오랜만인 트위터….@.@ 요즘 왜 이렇게 귀차니즘이 심하지 으악ㅋㅋㅋ
It’s really been a long time Twitter….@.@ I don’t know why my laziness has been so serious lately ughh kekeke


오랜만에 창서비만나서 찰칵!
I met with ChangSubie whom I have not seen in a while click!


후유~~뭘먹고 이렇게 배가부른지..ㅋㅋㅋ 배가 빵빵하구먼~ 멜로디여러분들 지나의 Oops 많이 사랑해주세요^^♥ 일훈
Phew~~ I ate so much and now I am so full.. kekeke My stomach is big~ melodies give lots of love to G.Na’s Oops^^♥ Ilhoon


source: Min & translated by fyeahborntobeat, Minhyuk & translated by fyeahborntobeat, Eunkwang & translated by fyeahborntobeat, Baek Seung Heon & translated by fyeahborntobeat, Ilhoon & translated by fyeahborntobeat

Monkey Leader weirding out Hongki (starts 2:50)

source: RYT9

M4M showcase bits - Hyunsik and Minhyuk MCing, BTOB and Roh Ji Hoon watching

source: verbena0322

4minute Weekly Idol in Japan with Ilhoon

source: verbena0322

edit credit: btobrighthere

probably later on the boys will update melodies with something, as far as we know most of them were busy on 21, so we gotta wait i guess :)
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