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Preview Pics of Woo Bin and Jong Suk on Running Man & More!!

source: SBS via gilbakk

Actors Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk met idol band CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun in SBS Good Sunday - Running Man.

The photo of Kim Woobin, Lee Jongsuk and Lee Jonghyun while filming for “Running Man” was circulated online.

In the photo Kim Woobin, Lee Jongsuk and Lee Jonghyun were seen clad in school uniform. All three of them were smiling and the atmosphere was friendly.

Kim Woobin, Lee Jongsuk and Lee Jonghyun filmed “Running Man” on March 18 in a race with other members that include actors Kim Sooro and Min Hyorin.

Kim Sooro, gained his nickname “Game Devil” in Running Man from his powerful play. Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk who recently appeared in KBS2 drama “School 2013” are expected to show off their entertainment skills and also competitiveness.
source: Nate translated by cnbjonghyun

source: 연애 (우빈종석.com) / 2차 가공, 리사이징 금지 via gilbakk

During Jungyeop’s radio show on February 26th, Kim Woobin revealed Minho to be his close dongsaeng. Woobin chose to play “Dream Girl” during the broadcast, as he wanted to listen to his friend Minho’s song. Woobin had gotten to know Minho while filming for “For You In Full Blossom”.

After listening to SHINee’s new title song, Jungyeop mentioned that Minho would be coming to the show later that week. He asked Woobin to relay an audio message onto Minho.

Woobin responded with a heartfelt message to his friend. Encouraging Minho forward, he stated, “Minho, there’s still a lot of time left [to change your schedule]. I’m always cheering you on. I’ve been listening to your song. I saw you dancing on stage and you looked really cool. I’ll always continue to cheer you on. And there’s still a lot of time before Friday. I’ll call you.”

Jungyeop expressed, “It was an audio letter where you could feel the friendship between two guys.” However, he retaliated to Woobin’s comment about telling Minho that there’s still time left to change his schedule, by saying he’s also close with Minho. Jungyeop ended with a message to Minho, saying, “You have to come out.”
source: MBC-R FM4U Blue Night Radio and written by kimchi hana, joAnnwashere @ shineee.net

source: sportsseoul via wywrd

I CAN NOT contain my excitement about Running Man!! They're so cute! And Woo Bin in a pool!! Those L'Officiel Homme pics are sexy-hot too~
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