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Idols pick their favourite idols in five categories

22 idol groups (70 idol stars in total) participated in a survey entitled ‘Best Idols’ by ‘Sports Donga‘ to cast their votes in five categories: Best Vocalist, Best Rapper, Best Dancer, Best Ulzzang (Best Visual), and Best Star Factor/Talent.

Check out the results below as well as the reasons some of the idols gave while voting for their favorites!

Best Vocalist


  1. Junsu (JYJ) (25 votes)

  2. Jonghyun (SHINee), Yoseob (7 votes each)

  3. Hongki, Jun.K (3 votes each)


  1. Hyorin (34 votes)

  2. Taeyeon (16 votes)

  3. Ailee (13 votes)

  4. Baek Ye Rin (2 votes)

  5. IU + 3 others [names not mentioned] (1 vote each)

On picking JYJ’s Junsu as the best vocalist, KARA‘s Nicole shared, “He is an amazing vocalist who turns any song into his own.” AOA‘s Seolhyun shared, “His expression of emotions is good and his vocal range is wide, so during his live performances, there is no shakiness.” The ‘best female vocalist’ title went to SISTAR‘s Hyorin. KARA’s Seungyeon shared, “The resonance and strength coming from her voice is unlike any I’ve heard before, and she has a wide vocal spectrum.” Big Bang‘s Seungri also complimented Hyorin, “She is a vocalist with her own color and stability.”

Best Rapper


  1. G-Dragon (33 votes)

  2. Zico (18 votes)

  3. T.O.P (8 votes)

  4. Gary + 10 others (1 vote each)


  1. CL (34 votes)

  2. Miryo , LE (11 votes each)

  3. Baby-J (3 votes)

  4. Yubin + 6 others (1 vote each)

G-Dragon was picked as the best male rapper by 33 idols. miss A‘s Suzy shared her reason for voting for him, “G-Dragon’s rap contains something special.” F.T. Island‘s Jonghun commented, “I can definitely sense his own color throughout his songs.” G-Dragon’s labelmate 2NE1‘s CL also won the ‘best female rapper’ category. KARA’s Jiyoung shared, “Her rap is unique and filled with her own style, she has an attractive voice color.” U-KISS‘ Dongho also described CL as “A rapper overflowing with swag.”

Best Dancer


  1. Taeyang (37 votes)

  2. Taemin, Eunhyuk, Jay Park (6 votes each)

  3. Wooyoung (3votes)


  1. Minzy (21 votes)

  2. Hyoyeon (19 votes)

  3. HyunA (8 votes)

  4. Min (7 votes)

  5. BoA (4 votes)

Big Bang’s Taeyang beat out the competition as the best male dancer. Suzy shared, “His dancing is very stylish.” JJ Project‘s Jr. said, “He has his own style and groove.” Meanwhile, the ‘best female dancer’ title went to none other than 2NE1′sMinzy. CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa shared, “Minzy’s dancing is on another level.” KARA’s Gyuri added, “The energy that comes out when she is dancing is the best. The feeling when a person suddenly changes.”

Best Ulzzang (Best Visual)


  1. T.O.P (19 votes)

  2. Nichkhun (8 votes)

  3. Siwon, L (6 votes each)

  4. Jaejoong, Minho (SHINee) (3votes each)


  1. YoonA (16 votes)

  2. Suzy (10 votes)

  3. Krystal (7 votes)

  4. Taeyeon (5 votes)

  5. Sulli (4 votes)

As for the category of ‘best visuals’ or ‘best ulzzang’, T.O.P came in first. Gyuri stated, “He is a singer who has the face of an actor. His prominent, sculptured facial features are handsome.” F.T. Island’s Hongki also agreed from a man’s point of view, “He has masculine charms.” Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA also came out on top as the best female visual. AOA’s Yuna shared, “There are no words needed, she is the exemplification of beauty.” U-KISS’ Kiseop agreed, “She has a doll-like visual.”

Best Star Factor/Talent


  1. Jo Kwon (24 votes)

  2. G-Dragon, Kwanghee (16 votes each)

  3. Taeyang, Shindong (3 votes each)


  1. HyunA (13 votes)

  2. CL (11 votes)

  3. Minah, Min (8 votes each)

  4. Yewon (6 votes)

2AM‘s Jo Kwon, famous for his ‘kkab’, came out on top as the best male with that star factor or natural talent that helps him shine. KARA’s Jiyoung commented, “His natural speaking ability and the way he doesn’t get nervous in front of the camera and overflows with confidence is impressive.” 4minute‘s HyunA beat out the rest as she was chosen as the best female idol with that star factor. Big Bang’s Seungri shared, “No one can imitate that star factor she shows on variety shows.” CNBLUE’s Jungshin shared,“Every time I watch her on TV, I am awestruck.”

The idol groups that participated in this survey include Girl’s Day, Nine Muses, Rainbow, miss A, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, B.A.P, Shinhwa, CNBLUE, AOA, F.T. Island, EXO-K, MBLAQ, U-KISS, ZE:A, JJ Project, JYJ, G.NA, 2AM, 2PM, KARA, and 15&.

Do you agree with the idols’s picks?

Source + image: Sports Donga + akp

what do you think Omona? you agree?

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