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Humble Goddess Gyuri once again proves she's better than your faves

Both Gyuri and her fans had a rare experience as they worked side by side to prepare gifts under the name of Gyuri for the cast and staff of her upcoming drama!

Usually, when fans prepare fan supports for their celebrities, everything comes prepared, with the stickers that usually have the picture of the celebrity and a phrase like "Gyuri is treating you all to a meal" planted firmly on the lunch boxes and drinks.

However, Gyuri's fans must have been busy on that particular day because they showed up to the 'Nail Salon Paris' set without the stickers on the presents. They started putting the stickers on near the set, and Gyuri noticed what they were doing as she passed by.

She tweeted, "Kekekeke. The fans who came for the support this time.. They put the stickers on the drinks on site, so I asked them, 'Why are you doing this here keke' and joined them and worked hard to help put the stickers on… keke. And my manager oppa even took a picture."

You can see Gyuri in her short wig, surrounded by fans, as she puts on stickers adorned with her own face on the drinks. She later added, "In the end, it turned out that I prepared my own fan support… Kekeke ah that was fun >_< My people are the best!"

She then tweeted a photo with the finished product, writing, "The KARA board gave us lunches so we could have strength during the 'Nail Salon Paris' shooting ~ They prepared one for every actor and staff~ It was really good. I’ll work hard! Thank you~</i>".

Looks like her fans had a lucky experience!

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