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Former Member Allen Kibum Says He Still Loves U-KISS


Allen Kibum told enews through his agency Professional Entertainment on March 22, "It is true that I was lacking in music while I was with U-KISS. That′s why I accepted the replacements. I decided to go to Japan thinking that everything happened because of my weaknesses in music."

He added, "The reason I concentrated only on live performances for two years in Japan, after giving up everything related to visuals, is because I wanted to make a return as a true singer in Korea again. During the two years I spent with music I was in such pain that I even thought of suicide at one point, but now I′m ready to become a solo singer with my current agency, and after it made me an offer in December 2012, I decided to make a solo debut in April."

"I can′t help but miss the time I spent with the U-KISS members. I was able to endure thanks to those memories and I still love them," he said.

Professional Entertainment was founded in 2008 by the man who produced Xing, the first group Allen Kibum debuted with, and who composed U-KISS′ hit single Man Man Ha Ni.

Allen Kibum will be staying in Korea for a while to record his first solo single Longing, then leave for Japan on March 23 to appear in a broadcast. In April he will return to Korea for the release of his single.

Source: enewsworld

best of luck to him in his comeback.
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